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SLUH Community Garden


Drawn by David Greaves, Class of '14

How is SLUH being Sustainable?


Sustainability Goal:
  • Conduct energy audits campus-wide to evaluate strengths and areas of need improvement.

  • Implement an energy saving program campus-wide.
What we do now:

See what SLUH is doing now for Energy Conservation by clicking here!


Sustainability Goal:
  • Improve on single stream recycling program through greater access and educating students, parents, faculty, and staff.
  • Increase recycling dumpster and pickups while decreasing trash dumpster pickups.
  • 7 Recycling Pickups per 1 Trash Pickup
What we do now:

See what SLUH is doing about recycling now  by clicking here!

Food Service Program

Sustainability Goal:
  • Improve and increase presence of locally grown food at school
  • Increase and integrate Fair Trade products into school buying strategies.
  • Purchase only recyclable/compostable/reusable dinnerware
  • Implement a compost program
What we do now:

See what SLUH and Food Service Consultants are doing now by clicking here!


Sustainability Goal:
  • Using a Native Plant Meditation Garden for Outdoor Educational and Spiritual Opportunities
  • Using a Community Garden to help support SLUH’s Community Service Program
What we do now:
  • Planning and Designing a Native Plant Meditation Garden and a Community Garden

Other Programs

What we do now:
  • Switched to Online Admissions and College Appllications
  • Created a Sustainability Committee
  • Rain Water Cisterns behind Danis Field House
  • Recycled New Construction Waste