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Course Description Booklet

Course Description Booklet for 16-17 (pdf, 548.6KB)

(The Course Description Booklet is published each year at the beginning of the second semester.)

Curriculum Requirements

A minimum of twenty-four (24) units of credit are required for graduation. Listed by area of study, the minimum requirements are:

  • 4 units of English
  • 3 units of Mathematics
  • 2.5 units of Social Studies
  • 3 units of a full-year Laboratory Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)
  • 2 units of the same Foreign Language
  • 1 unit of Fine Arts
  • 4 units of Theology
  • 4 semesters of Physical Education (1 of which is a Health course)
  • 0.5 units of Computer Science

The remaining units of credit may be chosen from any of the other departmental offerings.

*Note that the University of Missouri has a uniform minimum admissions policy for freshmen applicants to its four campuses. A student can prepare to enter any one of the campuses by taking the courses listed below. For certain programs, however, the student should take additional courses. Applicants who have completed the required core courses are admitted on the basis of their rank in the high school class and performance on standardized examinations such as the ACT or SAT. Effective as of the fall semester, 1998, regular admission of first-time college students (entering freshmen) requires completion of at least 17 units of credit (1 unit =1 year in class) as follows:

A. Four (4) units of English, one of which may be speech or debate. Two units emphasizing composition or writing skills are required.
B. Four (4) units of mathematics (Algebra I or higher).
C. Three (3) units of science (not including General Science), one of which must be a laboratory course. The three units must include units from at least two of the following: physical science, biology, physics, chemistry, and earth sciences.
D. Three (3) units of social studies.
E. One (1) unit of fine arts, to be taken in visual arts, music, dance, or theater.
F. Two (2) units of a single foreign language.*