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Course Description Booklet

 Course Description Booklet for 16-17 (pdf, 548.6KB)

(The Course Description Booklet is published each year at the beginning of the second semester.)

Academic Program By Class Year

Freshman Year:

  • Algebra I, Accelerated Algebra or Algebra II
  • Biology
  • Computer Fundamentals (1 sem.)
  • English
  • Fine Arts (1 sem.)
  • Foreign Language
  • Global History (3 days per week, alternates with PE/Health)
  • Physical Education (1 sem., 2 days per week)
  • Health (1 sem. 2 days per week)
  • Theology

Sophomore Year:

  • English
  • Chemistry or Accelerated Chemistry
  • Foreign Language
  • Geometry or Advanced Geometry
  • Global History
  • Theology
  • Choose two electives

Junior Year:

  • Algebra II/Trig., Advanced Algebra II/ Trig. or Pre-Calculus
  • Physics or AP Physics I
  • American History or AP American History
  • English or Honors English
  • Theology
  • Choose three electives

Senior Year:

  • English
  • Theology and Senior Service Project
  • Choose five electives