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Guidance & Counseling

Welcome to the SLUH Guidance & Counseling Department

The department is an integral part of the school’s total, educational program. Counselors serve as a link among all populations within the school in their roles as sounding boards, as academic and emotional coaches, and as student/parent/teacher advocates. While available for traditional counseling or advising sessions, the counselors have a four-year, developmental program for each of their students. The primary focus of this program is to facilitate self-direction and to support a quality process for inquiry and growth without a predetermined end. It is an honor for us to share “the path" our students and families take in their development. We look forward to the surprises that occur when students stretch themselves to become highly invested in their courses and activities or take a chance on a different kind of experience from what is comfortable and safe. As counselors, we will be there to support and encourage each student, to be a resource for making sense of and gaining benefit from their experiences at SLUH.

At SLUH a student will have the same counselor for all four years. The advantages of this format are numerous. The assigned counselor has four years to develop a relationship with his or her students and will know them well by the time the college planning process formally begins. Another advantage is that the same counselor will now meet with each of his or her students’ parents in both freshman and junior years. This model provides continuity in the relationship between counselor and student. The counselor will also be more effective in assisting the student in the development of curriculum planning and monitoring academic progress.

Office Hours: same as the daily school schedule

Location: west hallway of the first floor (more commonly known as Freshman Hallway)

Facebook: For many timely articles and topics related to college planning and admissions, visit the new SLUH College Counseling Facebook page.


Back row (from left): Fr. Carl Heumann SJDr. Ken McKenna, Mr. Dennis Dougan, Mr. David Mouldon
Front row (from left): Mrs. Renai Lowry, Mrs. Nina See, Mrs. Mary Michalski