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Summer Camps & Programs

Click here for information regarding athletic summer camp programs at SLUH.

St. Louis University High offers a wide variety of summer programs for both grade school and high school students. Summer programs include:

Upward Bound

An intensive full-day study with particular attention to study skills, serving boys in the summer between 7th and 8th grade. The program is not remedial, nor is it intended as enrichment.  We seek students who are willing to devote four weeks of their summer to improving their study skills. Some of our students are thriving in seventh grade and want to keep their skills active in the summer or want to test themselves with a challenging curriculum. Others are achieving less than they seem capable of and hope to become more successful students. All of our students, we hope, will become more purposeful about their studies.

For more information, you may download below the Upward Bound flyer and calendar and the form schools use to nominate students (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required). Or you may contact Mr. Chuck Hussung, Principal of Upward Bound, by e-mail at or by phone at (314) 531-0330 x2010.

To let us know of your family’s interest in Upward Bound and receive e-mail messages about our admissions, please use the following link. This does not register your son for the program, but it does mean that we’ll send details about our informational meeting.


Summer Enrichment for Boys and Girls who have Completed 6th Grade

For grade school students (both boys and girls) between the 6th and 7th grade, SLUH offers two four-week enrichment classes. Each class meets each weekday for 90 minutes. The current course offerings are "Novels about Growing Up" and "Physics." To be eligible for these courses, students must have a "B" average or higher on their 6th grade report cards, and standardized test scores in the 80th percentile or higher in the relevant areas. Applications are available on this Web site beginning in January each year. For more information, contact Mr. Frank Kovarik at

DOWNLOAD: 2015 6th Grade Summer Enrichment Program (pdf, 216.15KB)

Summer Enrichment for Boys and Girls who have Completed 7th Grade

For boys and girls between the 7th and 8th grade, SLUH offers three four-week enrichment classes. Each class meets weekdays for about two hours. The courses include "Story Writing," "Chemistry" and a course in algebra called "SEA Squared", which stands for Summer Enrichment in Algebra for Seventh-Graders who are Educationally Able. The eligibility requirements are the same as in the 6th grade courses (B average report card and 80th percentile test scores). Applications are available by downloading the brochure below. For more information, contact Mr. Tom Becvar at or by phone at 314-531-0330 x2184.

DOWNLOAD: 2015 7th Grade Summer Enrichment Program (pdf, 95.6KB)


Walkabout is an experiential, interdisciplinary program in reading, writing, art and science for young men who have completed sixth grade and has a special emphasis on inviting nominations of minority students. Students and teachers take field trips to natural areas every other day. They study plant and animal life in the field, make observations, take notes, and create artwork and essays based on what they experience. Students read and study a novel that fits the themes and activities of the program. They also experience musical units on Folk, Blues and Jazz and create music of their own. As with our Upward Bound program, we depend upon grade school principals and teachers to nominate the kind of student who will most benefit from the program.  For more information, contact Mr. Jim Linhares at

Driver Education

For information and registration materials, contact Mr. Gary Kornfeld at (314) 531-0330 x2171 or Please provide your e-mail address, and materials will be sent to you.