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Technology Mission Statement

St. Louis University High School seeks to cultivate life-affirming virtues, lively imaginations, critical minds and compassionate hearts in its students. We believe that any decisions regarding technology must be made with this goal in mind.


We believe that technology can help teachers and students learn and communicate effectively, and we understand that the world our students live in will often require the intelligent use of technology. We also believe that sound pedagogy and an understanding of our mission should drive the choices we make about technology. We hope to integrate technology into our work in meaningful ways.

We believe there is real value in providing technologies that help teachers teach and students learn, and we also believe in the human exchanges that are at the heart of a Christ-centered liberal arts education. In seeking to fulfill our mission of educating the whole person, we seek to provide students not only with tools that can help them learn or present effectively, but also with the ability to use such tools responsibly and with discernment, both academically and morally.

We believe our challenge as educators is to use our lively imaginations and critical minds to see both possibilities and temptations that technology offers and to use technology responsibly and ethically in order that our students will do the same.