What model of iPad should I purchase for my son?

For the 2016-17 school year, your freshman and sophomore sons will be required to own an iPad Pro, 3rd generation iPad or newer, or a 2nd generation iPad mini or newer. The iPad must have at least 32GB of storage. iPads do not need to have 3G or 4G capabilities nor will they need to be connected to a cellular plan. Currently a new iPad Air wifi model with 32GB costs $449 through Apple’s website. Refurbished iPads (including the iPad mini) that meet our specifications are currently available through Apple’s website for as low as $339 and can be purchased elsewhere so long as they meet our basic requirements.

My son already has an iPad. Will he still need to purchase one?

If you already have an iPad, it can be used in place of purchasing a new one. However, students may experience difficulty or could possibly NOT be able to download all of the digital books that are required for a class if the iPad has less than 32GB of memory.

What type of case should I buy for my student’s iPad?

Cases are a personal choice. We recommend a case that fully protects the device, including damage that could occur from dropping it, such as the dux case from STM bags:

Do I need to purchase a keyboard/keyboard case for the iPad?

Keyboards, like cases, are a personal choice. SLUH does not require one.

If you do wish to purchase a case, below are some models that we recommend:

How do I set up an ‘Apple ID’?


If you need to set up a new account please follow this link:

Can I, as a parent, control what apps my child installs?

Yes, there is a way to set up parental controls for loading apps and making any changes to the iPad. Please follow this link for further details:

Can I set up spending limits on the device?

Yes, please review the information in the following link:

Will the Internet be filtered on the students' iPads?

While on campus, student iPads will be filtered exactly like campus computers.

Do I need to purchase any specific apps?

Most of the apps used at SLUH are free to download. A few applications may require purchase.

These are the required apps for next year: Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Notability.

Can families opt out of the iPad program?

No. Freshman and sophomore students will be required to have an iPad for school use.

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