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Accessibility Statement

The St. Louis University High School wants this web site and the materials presented here to be available to all visitors. To accomplish this, we have taken several steps to ensure the accessibility of this information:

Standards compliance

The SLUH web site is developed following Internet standards established by the W3C, including: XHTML and CSS. Following these standards allows this web site to work in the appropriate web browsers.

In addition to following development standards, this web site strives to meet several accessibility guildlines, including WCAG Priority 1.

Page accessibility

These pages were designed for modern web browsers, but should be accessible in all browsers. This includes simple text browsers and adaptive browsers. The pages may not appear the same in old browsers or browsers that do not following Internet standards, but the information should still be accessible.

If you have concerns about the accessibility of this web, please use our contact page to get in touch with us.


If you do not want to view content presented in Adobe's Flash Player, you may turn it off using the link below: