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Application Process

Our admissions process is designed to allow prospective students and their families the opportunity to learn about our school and for us to get to know each applicant. The procedure for applying to St. Louis University High School includes the following steps


1. SLUH Online Application

Prospective students must complete the SLUH Online Application. Applications for incoming freshmen are accepted through the application deadline in late November. Applications for transfer students are reviewed on a rolling basis.

2. Family Interview

Interviews for prospective students and their parents are conducted Mondays through Fridays. You can schedule your family interview online after you have submitted an application. We strongly encourage both parents to be present. The SLUH Online Application must be completed before scheduling the interview. Upon submission of the online application, the applicant will receive a confirmation email with instructions to schedule his interview. We encourage applicants to apply early as the interview schedule fills up quickly.

3. Catholic High School Application (8th graders must complete this application in addition to the SLUH Online Application listed above)

Prospective students must submit the Catholic High School Application to the student’s current school by the November deadline. This application is available from elementary school principals for students attending Catholic schools, or from PSR directors or SLUH Admissions Office (contact Ann Murphy at (314) 531-0330, ext. 2099) for students attending public schools or private, non-Catholic schools. Upon submission, elementary schools will forward student’s records, including grades and standardized test scores, to SLUH.

4. Decision Letters

Admissions letters to incoming freshmmen are mailed in early February. Transfer students are admitted on a rolling basis.