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"Quest for the Cup" 2011-12


The 2011-12 Intramural (I.M.) program teams up homerooms from each of the four grade levels to create 10 teams throughout the school. In order to win the much-coveted "I.M. Cup" along with a batch of "Intramural Champions" T-Shirts, homerooms depend on their entire team to contribute I.M. points to win this year's title.

Teams will earn points for not only winning various games and contests, but by proving themselves "Cup-worthy" by having good participation numbers, involving the homeroom teachers within their Team, and earning various "Bonus Points" for wearing Team uniforms or possibly defeating one of the Faculty All-Star Teams.

The goal this year is bring I.M. back into the fabric of everyday life at SLUH. To this end, all events will be played in the Danis Field House with the hope that this will minimize cancellations. The 11-12 schedule has been assembled with help from seniors Matt Laskowitz, DJ Lapoint, and Dan Gorla. They continue to help with the operations of events and are a great resource for students to use for information about I.M..

Intramural Teams

Backer – M101, M206, M201, J121

Campion – M104, M208, M203, J123

Currigan – M106, M210, M205, J124

Dunn – M108, M216, M207, J127

Hagan – M110, M218, M209, M103

Loyola – M112, M222, M215, M105

Murphy – M114, M224, M217, M107

Regis – M116, 216c, M219, M109

Sheehan – M118, 218c, M221, M113

Xavier – M122, 222c, 221c, M115


Basketball Schedule

Freshmen Basketball Schedule

2/16 - Backer (J121) vs. Sheehan (M113); Campion (J123) vs. Murphy (107)

3/9– Dunn (J127) vs. Campion (J123)/Murphy (107) winner

3/12 – Championship

4/2 - Faculty Game 

Sophomore Basketball Schedule

2/15 - Hagan (M209) vs. Currigan (M205); Loyola (M215) vs. Regis (M219); Sheehan (M221) vs. Xavier (221c)

2/23 – Hagan/Currigan vs. Backer (M201); Loyola/Regis vs. Dunn (M207); Campion  (M203) vs. Murphy (M217)

 3/27 - Semifinals

3/28 - Championship

4/11 – Faculty Game

Junior Basketball Schedule

2/16 - Hagan (M218) vs. Currigan (M210)

3/7 - Sheehan (218c) vs. Xavier (222c); Loyola (M222) vs. Regis (216c); Campion (M208) vs. Murphy (M224)

3/12 – Hagan/Currigan vs. Backer (M206); Loyola/Regis vs. Dunn (M216)

3/26 – Semifinals

3/27 – Championship

4/10 – Faculty Game

Senior Basketball Schedule

3/9 - Hagan (M110) vs. Sheehan (M118), Loyola (M112) vs. Murphy (M114)

3/28 – Championship

4/18 – Faculty Game