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Where am I?

Jr. Billiken Cheers


Cheerleading Cheers through the Years at the U. High

  1. When the Bills Go Marching In

  2. Hoop Time-Hoop Time - Hoops Hoops

  3. SLUH get ready to roll SLUH get ready to roll

  4. There was a bird

  5. Hey hey, ho ho let’s get that ball and score.

  6. Defense Defense

  7. We want two/six gotta have two/six.

  8. O-lay - O-lay Olay, Olay we are the Billikens O-lay.

  9. Where, Where, Where, Where???

  10. Everywhere we go people want to know who we are so we tell them. We are the Billikens - mighty mighty Billikens from St. Louie gotta get down to the real nitty gritty

  11. Dee-Dee-Dee defense

  12. Let's Go Big Blue Let's Go (Clap-Clap)

  13. We are Jr. Bills - We are Jr. Bills

  14. They got the ball so let’s take it away

  15. We got the ball so let’s go all the way

  16. Hi dee - Hi dee - Hi dee - Hi dee ho - win win win win win win woo raise your voices to the sky. As the Jr. Bills go marchin by - a little louder.

  17. Pork chop-Pork chop - greasy-greasy - we're gonna but you easy easy.

  18. We Got the Bills in the House – woof - woof. We got the Bills in the House – woof - woof.

  19. U High, U. High, Womp, Womp

  20. Five Minutes of Fury (yell for the last 5 minutes of a game)

  21. Hey, Hey, Baby – I want to know if you’ll be my girl

  22. Roller Coaster Ride

  23. Banana Cheer

  24. BraveHeart Cheer – Rufio

Contact Dick Wehner for details on these cheers.