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Summer Camps

>>>Click here to learn about non-athletic summer camp programs at SLUH.

The SLUH campus is home to instructional camps in several sports, including basketball, track & field/cross country, racquetball, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, football, hockey, water polo, and soccer. These camps are typically offered to grade-school boys and incoming freshmen. Details vary by sport. Contact the following coaches for specifics.


Coach Steve Nicollerat
(314) 531-0330 x2133

DOWNLOAD: Summer Baseball Camp Flyer (pdf, 57.99KB)


Grade School Camp, Incoming Freshman Camp, Skills Camp, Shooting Camp
Varsity Basketball Coach: Erwin Claggett
(314) 749-9795

DOWNLOAD: Basketball Summer Camp Flyer (pdf, 1.09MB)

Cross Country/ Track

Coach Joe Porter
(314) 531-0330 x2073

DOWNLOAD: Cross Country Summer Camp Flyer (pdf, 648.71KB)


Coach Gary Kornfeld
(314) 531-0330 x2171

DOWNLOAD: Freshman Camp Application (pdf, 38.97KB)

DOWNLOAD: Grade School Football Summer Camp (pdf, 459.12KB)


For boys and girls entering 7th and 8th grades, and 9th graders attending SLUH in the fall

Only 4 Spots Remaining!

Coach Scott Gilbert
(314) 269-2191

DOWNLOAD: Golf Camp Brochure (for boys and girls entering 7th and 8th grades, and 9th graders attending SLUH in the fall) (pdf, 5.35MB)


Coach Kevin Fitzpatrick

SLUH Hockey Camp (pdf, 909.86KB)


Head Coach: Mark Seyer

More SLUH Lacrosse information available here   


Coach Charlie Martel
(314) 531-0330 x2042

DOWNLOAD: Camp Flyer for Current SLUH Students and Incoming SLUH Freshmen (pdf, 59.27KB)

DOWNLOAD: Freshman Camp Application (pdf, 31.03KB)

DOWNLOAD: Class of 2018 Tryouts Information (pdf, 39.96KB)

DOWNLOAD: Upperclassmen Tryouts Information (pdf, 39.25KB)


Coach Brian Kirk

SLUH Tennis Camp 2014 (pdf, 527.72KB)


DOWNLOAD: Sprint camp flyer (pdf, 54.45KB)


Contact: Coach Jim Gioia
(314) 531-0330 ext. 2027

Grade School Volleyball Camp (pdf, 41.67KB)

Incoming Freshmen Volleyball Camp (pdf, 39.66KB)

Water Polo

Coach: Paul Baudendistel
(314) 531-0330 x2059


Freshman Wrestling Coach: Tim Curdt
(314) 531-0330 x2001