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Summer Camps

>>>Click here to learn about non-athletic summer camp programs at SLUH.

The SLUH campus is home to instructional camps in several sports, including basketball, track & field/cross country, racquetball, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, football, hockey, water polo, and soccer. These camps are typically offered to grade-school boys and incoming freshmen. Details vary by sport. Contact the following coaches for specifics.


Coach Steve Nicollerat
(314) 531-0330 x2133

DOWNLOAD: Summer Baseball Camp Flyer (pdf, 57.99KB)


Grade School Camp, Incoming Freshman Camp, Skills Camp, Shooting Camp
Varsity Basketball Coach: Erwin Claggett
(314) 749-9795

DOWNLOAD: Basketball Summer Camp Flyer (pdf, 1.09MB)

Cross Country/ Track

Coach Joe Porter
(314) 531-0330 x2073

DOWNLOAD: Cross Country Summer Camp Flyer (pdf, 648.71KB)


Coach Gary Kornfeld
(314) 531-0330 x2171

DOWNLOAD: Freshman Camp Application (pdf, 38.97KB)

DOWNLOAD: Grade School Football Summer Camp (pdf, 459.12KB)


Coach Scott Gilbert
(314) 269-2191

DOWNLOAD: Golf Camp Brochure (pdf, 5.31MB) 


Head Coach: Mark Seyer

More SLUH Lacrosse information available here   


Coach Charlie Martel
(314) 531-0330 x2042

DOWNLOAD: Camp Flyer for Current SLUH Students and Incoming SLUH Freshmen (pdf, 59.27KB)

DOWNLOAD: Freshman Camp Application (pdf, 31.03KB)

DOWNLOAD: Class of 2018 Tryouts Information (pdf, 39.96KB)

DOWNLOAD: Upperclassmen Tryouts Information (pdf, 39.25KB)


DOWNLOAD: Sprint camp flyer (pdf, 54.45KB)


Contact: Coach Jim Gioia
(314) 531-0330 ext. 2027

Water Polo

Coach: Paul Baudendistel
(314) 531-0330 x2059


Freshman Wrestling Coach: Tim Curdt
(314) 531-0330 x2001