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Below is our competition schedule for the 2017 season. Check back on this page often for updates to race rosters and arrival times. Meet results will also be posted here, as they become available.

Click here for a one-page, printable 2017 Meet Schedule.

Season Performance Log | Season Honor Roll

AUGUST: Alumni | O'Fallon
SEPTEMBER: Granite City | Forest Park | Paul Enke | Palatine | Hancock
OCTOBER: Parkway West | M.C.C. | Borgia | Clayton | District | Findley | Sectional

19th Annual Alumni Race (ALL)

Saturday, August 5
SLUH Track

At Saturday's 19th annual Alumni Race, the current team soundly defeated the alumni by the score of 20-37. Alum Jake Lepak '16 won the race, held on the SLUH track, with a two-mile time of 9:56.

In cross country scoring, you add up the finishing places of a team's top five runners, with the sixth and seventh runners typically serving as the "pushers" or tiebreakers. Low score wins. The team scored 20 with their top five scoring places being 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The alums scored 37 with their top five places being 1, 7, 8, 9, 12. The sixth and seventh runners can displace the scorers for other teams. In this race, the sixth and seventh team members finished in 10th and 11th, pushing up the alum's score by two points.. Those are the basics of scoring any XC meet, whether there are only two teams competing or 30 teams.

Paul Burka was the team's top finisher in 10:00.9. Rounding out the team's top eight on were Reed Milnor, Noah Scott, Patrick Hetlage, Charlie Perry, Adam Mittendorf, Lucas Rackers, and Chris Staley. The freshmen were led by Daniel Hogan, who placed 16th among all team members. For everyone on the team, look for continued hard work to yield significant improvements in the weeks and months ahead.

ALUMNI RACE VIDEO: Heat 1 | Heat 2 | Heat 3

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O'Fallon Futures Invitational (B/C)

Wednesday, August 30

OTHS-Milburn Campus (650 Milburn School Rd, O'Fallon, IL 62269)

All freshmen and sophomores will ride a bus to compete or support at O'Fallon. The freshman race is at 4:00pm and the sophomore race is at 4:45pm. The bus is a two-way bus that will return to SLUH by 6:30. You may "check-out" your son with a coach at the conclusion of the meet, instead of him taking the return bus.

Students will be released from school after their sixth period class, board a bus, and arrive at the course by 3:00pm.

For directions to the course, held on O'Fallon's Milburn Campus, click the link above. The Milburn Campus is where the freshmen go to school; note that this is NOT the school location where the sophomores, juniors, and seniors attend.

Juniors and seniors will have their usual practice at SLUH on Wednesday.

O'FALLON RESULTS: SLUH Results & Splits | Sophomore | Freshman

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Granite City Invitational (V, B/C, Open)

Saturday, September 2
Wilson Park (2900 Benton St, Granite City, IL 62040)

All team members will compete or support at Granite City. The meet is at Wilson Park Ice Rink, behind Granite City high school. Our athletes will be in one of three races: varsity (Top 7), B/C combined (only 7, chosen from our roster of freshmen and sophomores), and everyone else will compete in the open division. Fan parking is in front of the gymnasium or at Wilson Park.

Here is the schedule for all the races on the day. SLUH races are in bold. SLUH rosters are in parenthesis.

1. Varsity Girls - 8:30am
2. Varsity Boys - 9:00am - be at the team tent by 7:15am (Seven racers TBA)
3. B/C Boys - 9:30am - be at the team tent by 7:45am (Seven racers TBA)
4. JV Girls - 10:00am
5. Open Division - 10:30am - be at the team tent by 8:15am (All other team members)

Team awards will be given to the first and second place teams in the varsity division and first place for the B/C division. Individual medals for both those races go places 1-30. There are no medals or team awards for the open division. Everyone should be set to depart from the meet by noon.

GRANITE CITY RESULTS: SLUH Results & Splits | Varsity | Freshman/Sophomore | Open
GRANITE CITY PHOTOS: Varsity | Freshman/Sophomore | Open
GRANITE CITY VIDEO: Varsity | Freshman/Sophomore | Open

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Forest Park XC Festival (V, JV, C)

Saturday, September 9
Forest Park (Aviation Field/Archery Range/Planetarium/Bowl Lake)

All team members will compete or support at Forest Park, our large home invitational.

On the meet website, you can find a full schedule of the 15 races on the day, a course map, and other meet information. The SLUH team tent will be with the other team tents on the Archery Range east of Aviation Field and behind the start line. Below are the times we are asking the boys to check in at our team tent.

  • SLUH JUNIOR VARSITY: 5k race at 10:05am, arrive at 8:15am. All eligible, healthy, non-varsity sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be in this race.
  • SLUH VARSITY: 5k race at 1:20pm, arrive at 10:00am. Varsity racers: TBA.
  • SLUH FRESHMEN: 3,000 meter race at 2:15pm, arrive at 10:00am. All eligible and healthy freshmen will be in this race.

No one should plan on leaving the meet until the freshman awards have been completed (or meet clean-up, for those assigned). Freshmen awards are scheduled for 3:15pm, and the meet clean-up will begin immediately after. That should take 60-90 minutes.

When it's available, a list of athletes scheduled for meet clean-up will be posted here.

AWARDS: The top three teams in each race will receive team awards. The top 30 individuals in each race will receive custom Forest Park Cross Country Festival medals.

Junior Varsity Awards - 11:05am
Varsity Awards - 2:20pm
Freshmen Awards - 3:15pm


You should plan your arrival times with plenty of time for parking and getting to the course. Not only will our meet be attracting over 10,000 people, but there is at least one other major event in Forest Park at the same time. Due to LouFest, a major music festival happening simultaneously on Central Fields, there will be no parking in Forest Park. You should plan to park at the Science Center or the garage at Forest Park Community College and walk through the tunnel near SLUH. Each of these locations offers free parking for you (you will receive slips to validate your Science Center parking as you enter Forest Park through the tunnel). As an incentive to volunteer, though, parent volunteers will have access to parking at the park offices on the west end of Aviation Field.

On Saturday, there will be no entrance to the park from Kingshighway across from Barnes. Vehicles must enter through Hampton Avenue. The street that runs parallel to the course (Clayton) will be one way heading east, for drop off only. There will be no parking anywhere on Clayton. The golf course next to Aviation Field is planning to offer limited, pay-to-park options (weather-permitting).

Please view this attached map for a visual representation of much of the above information.

FOREST PARK RESULTS: SLUH Results & Splits: 5K & 3K | Varsity | Junior Varsity | Freshman
FOREST PARK PHOTOS: Varsity | Junior Varsity | Freshman
FOREST PARK VIDEO: Varsity | Junior Varsity | Freshman

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Paul Enke Invitational (V2/JV/C)

Saturday, September 16
Sioux Passage Park (17930 Old Jamestown Rd, Florissant, MO 63034)

This is a classic meet in the St. Louis cross country landscape. The Sioux Passage course is known by many former area high school runners for its unique, hilly challenges. Check out the meet website here.

All team members are to be on hand at Sioux Passage. Our top seven will do a workout on the course and should arrive at 7:30am. Everyone else will compete or support. There are three races on the day: varsity, junior varsity, and freshmen. SLUH races are in bold. Our rosters and arrival times are listed below. As usual, we expect all team members to remain on hand through the end of the awards.

9:00am BOYS VARSITY(40 medals, 3 team awards) - Arrive by 7:30am.
9:30am GIRLS VARSITY (40 medals, 3 team awards)
10:10am BOYS JUNIOR VARSITY (30 medals, 1 team award). Anyone not running varsity, freshmen, or the top seven. Arrive by 8:40am.
10:50am GIRLS JUNIOR VARSITY (30 medals, 1 team award)
11:30am BOYS & GIRLS FRESHMAN COMBINED (20 medals, 1 team award). All freshmen. Arrive by 9:00am.
12:15 pm AWARDS CEREMONY (1-10 in each race & team awards)

PAUL ENKE RESULTS: SLUH Results & Splits | Varsity & Junior Varsity | Freshman | Overall Team Results
PAUL ENKE PHOTOS: Varsity | Junior Varsity | Freshman

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Palatine Invitational (V/JV)

Saturday, September 23
Deer Grove East Forest Preserve (Cook County Forest Preserve, 1599 Pepper Tree Dr, Palatine, IL 60074)

The Palatine Meet of Champions will take place on Saturday, September 23, in Palatine, IL, a northwest suburb of Chicago. It is a very competitive meet featuring top regional competition. We are looking forward to a great experience. Here are a few important pieces of information.

Competing athletes will be leaving SLUH around 9:00am (after 1st period) on Friday, September 22. We will be traveling by bus. The team will head to the course (Deer Grove East Forest Preserve) to look at its terrain and then head to the hotel. We are planning on having dinner at a local restaurant and staying at a local hotel. We emailed the parents of competing athletes with more specific information about dinner and the hotel, as well as information about budgeting and expenses.

On Saturday morning, we will depart for the course and run in the JV and Varsity races. The varsity race is at 10:50am and the JV is at 11:50am. Afterwards, we will grab lunch on our way back to St. Louis. The expected return time is about 8:00pm on Saturday.

Due to a road race being hosted that day at Deer Grove East Forest Preserve, parking will be at a premium. The best bet is to park at Palatine High School, 1111 N. Rohlwing Rd., Palatine, IL 60074. There will be shuttle taking spectators from the school to the course.

PALATINE RESULTS: SLUH Results & Splits | Varsity | Junior Varsity
PALATINE VIDEO: Varsity Race (not SLUH-focused) | Varsity | Junior Varsity

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Hancock Invitational (V2/JV/C)

Saturday, September 23
Jefferson Barracks Park, 533 Bagby Road, St. Louis, MO 63125

All team members not making the trip to Palatine will compete or support at Hancock. We will compete in three races at Hancock. Rangers will direct you into parking once you get close to the area.

8:30am - Varsity Race (Arrive at team area by 7:00am)
9:30am - JV Race (Arrive at team area by 8:00am - all remaining sophomores, juniors, and seniors)
10:00am - Freshman Race (Arrive at team area by 8:30am)

HANCOCK RESULTS: SLUH Results & Splits | Varsity | Junior Varsity | Freshman
HANCOCK PHOTOS: Varsity | Junior Varsity | Freshmen
HANCOCK VIDEO: Varsity | Junior Varsity | Freshmen

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Parkway West Invitational (V, JV, B, C)

Saturday, September 30
Living Word United Methodist Church (17315 Manchester Road, Wildwood, MO 63038)

All team members will compete or support at Parkway West. Here is the full schedule of races for the day. SLUH races are in bold.

9:00am - JV Boys (All non-varsity juniors and seniors; arrive by 7:30am)
9:30am - JV Girls
10:10am - Varsity Boys (Arrive by 8:40am)
10:40am - Varsity Girls
11:10am - Sophomore Boys (All non-varsity sophomores; arrive by 9:00am)
11:40am - Fr/So Girls
12:20pm - Freshman Boys (All non-varsity freshmen; arrive by 9:00am)
12:50pm - Awards (Varsity: Top 2 Teams + 30 Individuals; JV: Top Team + 25 Individuals; B: Top Team + 25 Individuals; C: Top Team + 25 Individuals)

Click here for a map of the 5k course at Living Word. The meet has a website with information here. The following additional information comes from an email sent by the Parkway West Meet Director.

  • Athlete Parking: "If your athletes drive, please tell them to park at Wildwood Middle School which is located 0.25 mile west of the course on Manchester Road.
  • Spectator Parking: "They should park in the Living Word Church Lot or the First Baptist Church Lot. When these lots are full, they will be directed to Wildwood Middle School."
  • Parents and athletes both should not park along Pond Road, Manchester Road, or Maple Avenue. Use only the assigned lots.
  • Athletes that are dropped off by parents should be dropped off at the the south entrance to the Church on Manchester Road.
  • Pets: "Our course is a great spectator course, but it is not the best course for dogs. Please, ask your parents to leave their dogs at home."
  • Restrooms: "Remind your athletes that they are not to use the restrooms inside the Church. There will be port-a-johns located in two locations. The ones located on the parking lot are mostly for spectators."
  • Trainer: "There will be a trainer located near the finish line."

PARKWAY WEST RESULTS: SLUH Results & Splits | Varsity | Junior Varsity | Sophomore | Freshmen
PARKWAY WEST PHOTOS: Varsity | Junior Varsity | Sophomore | Freshmen
PARKWAY WEST VIDEO: Varsity | Junior Varsity | Sophomore | Freshmen

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M.C.C. Championship (V, JV, C)

Saturday, October 7
Forest Park

9:00am - Varsity (arrive by 7:30am)
9:40am - Junior Varsity (arrive by 8:10am)
10:25am - Freshman (arrive by 8:45am)

This is an important day for our program, as we race for supremacy among the other Metro Catholic Conference (MCC) schools: C.B.C., Chaminade, DeSmet, and Vianney. We have a long tradition of success at this meet, and we are looking to continue that tradition. All team members will compete or support at the M.C.C.

Award ceremonies for each of the three races will begin shortly after the conclusion of the Freshman race, and all team members should remain on hand for the awards. The coaches will be in contact individually with the athletes who have been assigned to help de-construct the course after the awards ceremony.

MCC RESULTS: SLUH Results & Splits | Varsity | Junior Varsity | Freshmen
MCC PHOTOS: Varsity | Junior Varsity | Freshmen
MCC VIDEO: Varsity | Junior Varsity | Freshmen

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Borgia Invitational (V2/JV/C)

Saturday, October 14
Big Driver Golf Center (275 Grand Ave, Washington, MO 63090-1209)

Except for our MCC varsity, all team members will compete or support at Borgia. At Borgia, we will run a "Varsity 2" team in the varsity division to give team members valuable experience. The MCC varsity will have an 8:00am practice at SLUH.

8:30am - Junior Varsity Boys (arrive by 7:00am; all non-varsity sophomores, juniors, and seniors)
9:00am - Junior Varsity girls
9:45am - Varsity Boys (arrive by 8:15am)
10:15am - Varsity Girls
10:45am - Freshman Boys (arrive by 8:30am; all freshmen)
11:30am - Awards Ceremony

You can download the course map here.


  • Plaques awarded for top three teams in each race
  • Individual medals for top 25 in each race
  • Individual plaques for the champions of the varsity races
  • Team medals to the top team in the Varsity division

Location of Meet:
Big Driver Golf Center
275 Grand Avenue
Washington, MO 63090-1209

Additionally, here are directions to the course from SLUH. There is no bus from SLUH to the meet.

BORGIA RESULTS: SLUH Results & Splits | Varsity | Junior Varsity | Freshmen
BORGIA PHOTOS: Varsity | Junior Varsity | Freshmen
BORGIA VIDEO: Varsity | Junior Varsity | Freshmen

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Clayton Invitational (V2/JV)

Friday, October 20
Shaw Park (27 S Brentwood Blvd, Clayton, MO 63105)

Fourteen athletes will compete in one of two divisions at the Clayton Invitational. Race rosters and arrival times are below. Everyone else will have 8:00am practice at SLUH that day and are not expected at the meet.

3:45pm - Boys Varsity (arrive at 2:15pm)
4:15pm - Girls Varsity
4:45pm - Boys JV (arrive at 3:15pm)
5:15pm - Girls JV

Awards: No awards ceremony at Clayton

  • Team: 1st and 2nd place plaques in each division,
  • Individuals: Medals for top 35 in each race; medals can be picked up immediately following result postings at the white tent located near the start/finish area.

Our team area will be near the end of Shaw Park Drive and the start/finish area.

CLAYTON RESULTS: SLUH Results & Splits | Varsity | Junior Varsity
CLAYTON PHOTOS: Varsity | Junior Varsity
CLAYTON VIDEO: Varsity | Junior Varsity

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District Championship (V)

Saturday, October 21
Location TBA

At Districts, the top four teams and top 30 individuals all advance to the Sectional Championship. Though only seven of our athletes will race, all team members will arrive in time to cheer for our varsity, complete their own practice, and be on hand for the awards. The lineup and schedule is below.

District racers: TBA.

7:30 am - Arrival time for racers and alternate
8:30 am - Arrival time for the rest of the team
9:00 am - Varsity Boys
9:40 am - Varsity Girls
10:20 am - Challenge Race
11:00 am - Awards Ceremony
11:30 am - Departure

DISTRICT RESULTS: SLUH Results & Splits | Varsity

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Findley Memorial Invitational (JV/C)

Wednesday, October 25
Forest Park

On this day, the JV and C teams will conclude their season at the Findley Invitational. All team members who are not racing at Sectional will race at Findley. The race will be held at Forest Park, on the same course we used for MCCs. No one needs to be excused early from school. All team members will hustle up after school and check in at the team tent . Upperclassmen should offer to drive the freshmen and sophomores to the park.

Freshmen will race at 4:30pm, and the junior varsity races at 5:10pm. An awards ceremony will follow the JV race, along with the traditional year-end spread of food supplied by team parents. After the awards, we will also re-collect the team-issued racing singlets. All other uniforms items are yours to keep and can be re-used in upcoming track & field and cross country seasons.

Several team members are scheduled to help with course clean up at Findley. These athletes should check in with the coaches at the end of the day to get their particular assignment.

This is the final day of the season for team members who are not on the State Travel Team. No one else is expected to be at practice beyond this point.

4:30pm - Freshman race
5:10pm - Junior Varsity race
5:40pm - Awards

FINDLEY RESULTS: SLUH Results & Splits | Junior Varsity | Freshmen
FINDLEY PHOTOS: Junior Varsity | Freshmen
FINDLEY VIDEO: Junior Varsity | Freshmen

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Sectional Championship (V)

Saturday, October 28
Location TBA

At the Sectional Championship, the top four teams and top 30 individuals qualify for the State Championship. Only seven of our athletes will race on this day. Only members of the State Travel Team are required to be at the meet, though all team members are encouraged to come and support their team in pursuit of another qualification for the State meet.

9:00 am – Arrival time for racers and alternates
10:00 am – Class 3 Boys
10:30 am – Class 4 Boys
11:00 am – Class 3 Girls
11:30 am – Class 4 Girls
12:00 pm – Challenge Race
12:30 pm - Awards

SECTIONAL RESULTS: SLUH Results & Splits | Varsity

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State Championship (V)

Saturday, November 4
Oak Hills Golf Center (932 Ellis Blvd, Jefferson City, MO 65101)

For the twenty-fourth consecutive season, we hope to send a team to compete the State meet. This is a proud tradition of ours. Our race is at 12:30pm, and the awards ceremony is scheduled to begin shortly after the race ends. Here is a link to a meet information page, including a schedule of all eight of the races on the day.

Class 2 Girls - 9:00 a.m.
Class 1 Boys - 9:35 a.m.
Class 2 Boys - 10:10 a.m.
Class 1 Girls - 10:45 a.m.
Class 4 Girls - 11:20 a.m.
Class 3 Girls - 11:55 a.m.
Class 4 Boys - 12:30 p.m.
Class 3 Boys - 1:05 p.m.

2017 AWARDS SCHEDULE – Trophies and Medals
Class 2 Girls and Boys @ Approximately 10:45 a.m.
Class 1 Girls and Boys @ Approximately 11:15 a.m.
Class 4 Girls and Boys @ Approximately 1:00 p.m.
Class 3 Girls and Boys @ Approximately 1:30 p.m.

Class 4 Boys Race Results: SLUH Results & Splits | 1 Mile Split | 2 Mile Split | 3 Mile Split | Finish

State Photos

2016 SLUH Results:
8. Joe Laughlin, senior, 15:56.04 (All-State; PR)
58. Paul Burka, junior, 16:37.29
75. Patrick Hetlage, sophomore, 16:49.05
105. William Kelly, senior, 17:06.06
126. Reed Milnor, sophomore, 17:22.34
137. Thomas Leeker, senior, 17:28.56
164. Noah Scott, freshman, 18:05.88

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