The Manresa Retreat is an optional, three-day retreat in which seniors are invited to explore the power of prayer and reflection in silence in the tradition of St. Ignatius. The title of the retreat comes from St. Ignatius' experience at Manresa where, among other experiences, he sat down at the River Cardoner and began to find clarity about the purpose and direction of his life. Seniors are invited into personal prayer, group sharing and one-on-one conversation to talk about their lives and how God might be working in their lives as they look beyond high school.

Dates for the Manresa Retreat for the upcoming school year are January 16-18, 2017. This retreat opportunity is an excused absence from Senior Project.

For questions concerning this retreat or to sign up, please contact Mr. Brian Gilmore at (314) 531-0330 x2130 or The cost is $100, which covers a portion of the total cost. Speak with Mr. Gilmore if the cost is an issue. It is the school's philosophy that cost never prohibit a student from attending a retreat if he has the desire to attend.

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