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Community Service Program (CSP)

St. Louis University High School's Community Service Program (CSP) offers students the opportunity to cultivate their development as "Men for and with Others." This vital - and very popular - program is complemented by SLUH's unique city location, and students provide assistance to more than 30 project sites in the metropolitan area. At St. Louis University High service is not the responsibility of only a few, but is the vocation of all Christians. Our Mission Statement proclaims: "As a Jesuit school dedicated to developing our gifts for the generous service of others, we challenge this group of young men and ourselves to cultivate life-affirming virtues, lively imaginations, critical minds, and compassionate hearts."


  • Interact: Work with, learn from, and serve people different than ourselves.

  • Cultivate: Develop a sense of personal responsibility for others. We are all blessed with the capacity to be generous. We must develop and realize these God-given gifts.

  • Realize: The Gospels require we become involved! Faith is not static nor is it about our personal relationships with God alone. Ignatian ideals require that LOVE be demonstrated in deeds more than in words.

  • Share: SLUH students will share in the mission to bring about a just and equitable society in collaboration with social agencies that share Christ's vision.

Community Service ProjectCommunity Service Program (CSP)

The Community Service Program is a voluntary program offering students in all four grade levels an opportunity to place themselves at the service of others. Students volunteer at selected sites throughout the school year as their schedules allow. Many programs offer a faculty chaperone for those students who are unable to drive. The programs are organized by populations served and type of service. Categories include: pre-school programs, tutor/mentor programs (elementary/middle school-aged populations), feeding/sheltering programs, senior programs, and sports programs for those with special needs. Throughout the school year some programs are added and some end, most often by program design. Students may register and log hours for CSP at