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Freshman Service

Freshman Service Program

One key component of SLUH’s mission, as a Catholic, Jesuit school, is to create young men who are dedicated to service with the poor and underprivileged. The Freshman Service Program introduces students to two different types of service offered through SLUH.

Each of our freshmen participates in two after-school service opportunities – one each semester.  They begin right after school, and when serving at a shelter, the freshmen are provided with dinner. Each freshman spends one afternoon making a meal and serving it to the homeless at a shelter and a second afternoon at a senior living community, visiting and playing games with the elderly.

Students are assigned to a site with 5 or 6 other freshmen and a faculty leader. The group is driven by the faculty member in a SLUH van or walks with the faculty member the short distance to their site.

It is our hope that after an introduction to SLUH’s service opportunities, freshmen will continue to serve the St. Louis community and beyond through SLUH’s voluntary Community Service Program (CSP). All freshmen are encouraged to sign up for additional service opportunities through CSP.

Freshman Service Calendar

Freshman Appeal Form (pdf, 35.05KB)

Service Site Details:

McCormack House at Forest Park Southeast: 4575 Cadet Avenue, Saint Louis, MO, 63110  (314) 534-1010

McCormack House at Westminster Place: 3915 Olive Street, Saint Louis, MO 63108  (314) 531-8844

Shalom House: 1040 S. Taylor Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63110  (314) 534-1010

Sts. Peter & Paul: 711 Allen Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63104  (314) 621-5520