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Senior Project

Senior Project

Senior Project is a community service program through which St. Louis University High School seniors put their learning and talents at the service of the metropolitan community, while at the same time learning and growing through their labors. This month-long experience of full-time volunteer work, which occurs each January, is so important to the development of the SLUH student that the satisfactory completion of Senior Project is a requirement for graduation.

The successful Senior Project:

  • Utilizes the special talents which lie within students through the service of others.
  • Awakens in students the realization that, for the Christian, service to others is a responsibility and a privilege.
  • Gives perspective to students' problems when measured against the problems and challenges faced by others.
  • Increases student understanding of social structures which oppress others and methods of altering or abolishing them.
  • Helps students grow in maturity by working in unfamiliar and challenging situations.
  • Helps students resist cultural pressures which tend to self-centeredness and lack of concern for others.
  • Abolishes the ignorance and fear that separates students from those who are different in some way.
  • Helps students grow in love by touching the lives of others.
  • Kindles in students understanding, hope, compassion and faith.