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Where am I?

Faculty & Staff

SLUH Branding Site

CLICK HERE to access the password-protected branding site, which contains guidelines for the SLUH logo, typography, color palette and more.

Educate Magis

Educate Magis is an online community that connects educators from Jesuit and Ignatian schools worldwide. CLICK HERE to see how to get involved.

Request a Facility

All facilities requests are facilitated via the SLUH Web site. To initiate the reservation process, simply click HERE.

Faculty & Staff Directory

To access the full directory of faculty and staff members, click HERE.

Student & Parent Handbook

For your reference, the Student and Parent Handbook (in Academics / Policies & Requirements) is always available online. If you have any questions about discipline or student welfare matters, contact Brock Kesterson at ext. 135 or via e-mail at