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Students March for Life


The Students for Life Club gathered on the National Mall in Washington D.C. as part of the Pro-Life March last week. Photo by Sam Gerbic.

By Jerry Duggan '16, Will Smith '14
Prep News

Members of the St. Louis U. High Students for Life recently traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in the Pro-Life March alongside thousands of other supporters.

Twenty-two St. Louis U. High students, along with four chaperones, left Lambert International Airport on January 24 to board their flight to Washington, D.C.

Every class had members attend the rally, along with four chaperones: theology teacher Tim Kieras, S.J., the parents of freshman Charlie Mueth, and the director of the trip and moderator of the Pro-Life club, David Callon. Callon has led the trip to the nation’s capital for the last four years.

According to Callon, the main purpose of attending the Pro-Life march is to get members of Students for Life, as well as the whole SLUH community, excited about standing up for human life, but more importantly, to be the voice of those women and unborn children whose voices are not heard.

“Seeing all those people from all over the country who think this issue is important enough to go to Washington D.C. to march was something I thought was really great,” said junior Jim Gasch.

The group remained spiritual throughout the trip, but they also tried to have a good time. The group met with other Jesuit high schools during the rallies and felt proud to represent SLUH and the St. Louis community. Despite spite snow flurries, windy conditions, and frigid temperatures in the 20s, the group was happy to attend the march on Friday and was humbled to be among some 200,000 participants, including a strong, spirited group of 5,000 individuals from the St. Louis area alone.

“I thought it was amazing that there were that many people there who were willing to voice their opinion on it,” said junior Alex Shaver.

On Thursday and Friday, the group took the subway to Union Station for lunch, and then went to St. Aloysius Catholic Church, where they were inspired by the remarks of Fr. Phil Hurley, S.J., leader of the Ignatian Pro-Life Network and heard the story of “Maggie’s Place”, an organization that provides a home for expectant mothers which was started by a woman who had the simple goal of raising awareness for pregnant women.

On Saturday, the group went sightseeing, splitting up into several groups and visiting the monuments and museums of the nation’s capital.

Callon is proud of the spirit the group displayed as a voice for pregnant women and unborn children. Callon said the most inspiring story of the trip came from senior Jack Schultz, who was determined to attend the march, despite tearing two tendons in his ankle just days before the march. He was in a wheelchair the whole weekend.

“It was an inspiration to see the toughness and determination of Schultz and also to see the rest of the group literally carry Schultz around in spots that were not wheelchair accessible, showing that the young men from SLUH are truly ‘Men for Others’,” said Callon.