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Jr. Billiken Spotlight

Striking the Right Chord

Anthony Delia ’16 earned first place in the senior division of the Creating Original Music Project (COMP) at the University of Missouri. The rising musician, who entered himself into the competition, composed his selection and recorded it entirely on his own, has now won the top prize for COMP twice (he did so in eighth grade as well).

“The most impressive thing about Anthony's work is that he has done it all on his own,” says music teacher Jeff Pottinger. “I have given him some feedback for a few minor details pertaining to stylistic and instrumental thoughts; however, the creative and motivational drive is all his own. The first time I heard his music I was blown away. And he does it all out of his bedroom!”

Delia was honored at the University of Missouri on April 18 for his song Little Bit of Your Time. In recognition of his musical achievement, he will be awarded $1,000. SLUH will also receive $1,000 on his behalf.

The University of Missouri at Columbia hosts COMP each year to showcase young musical talent. 


Q. What inspired your passion for music?

A. I started playing guitar when I was in second grade. My class had a talent show, so I begged my parents for a guitar. I prefer to forget about the talent show itself, as I forgot how to play during the show.

Sixth grade was when I began writing my own music. I remember sitting in Social Studies class, writing down lyrics over my geography notes. A lot of my best songs come to me at the most random times. For instance, my song that most recently won COMP was conceived during a shower after a baseball practice.

My songs are a way to cope with, dream about, or celebrate something that I've gone through or want to go through. Music, to me, is more than just expression. It's the opportunity to reach out and touch others that have stood or are currently standing in my same spot. And for an artist, that is all you can ask for.

At the end of the day, if my music speaks to someone in a certain way, I feel as if I accomplished something much more than mere publicity.

Q. What do you most like about SLUH?

A. I look at SLUH as an excellent opportunity to collaborate with other young and talented students. This is why I love SLUH. It's a truly remarkable place in the fact that you can throw all of your fears away, because odds are someone else at SLUH is just like you and is willing to share ideas to help both of you grow. 

I play baseball and am part of National Honor Society. Both are great opportunities to find people with the same passions who value the some of the things as you. I'm lucky to be around such a great group of kids who help me grow in my own passions and allow me to do the same with them.