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Educating Men for Others

Since 1818

We challenge our students to think critically, lead courageously and transform the world as Men for Others.

Academic Excellence

Forming creative and curious minds.

Faith & Service

Everything we do is for the Greater Glory of God.


Where tradition and teamwork meet dedication and drive.

Student Life

Opportunities abound for all interests with 75+ unique clubs.

U Highlights

From Our Community

Tim Browdy '24 | Current Student

When I first came to SLUH, I knew my interests and how I wanted to spend my time in high school, yet I’ve become involved in clubs and activities that I never could have imagined doing in middle school. SLUH has been formative in shaping my development as a well-rounded, academically curious student and an engaged member of society.

Kam Bailey '23 | Alumnus

Everything you hear about the SLUH brotherhood is real. The school has an open and welcoming environment for people from different backgrounds. I met guys who made my four-year experience at SLUH one I’ll remember forever, treating me more like a brother or family member than a classmate.

Matt Kreuter & Charlene Caburnay | Current Parents

Although our family is not from St. Louis, we quickly learned SLUH is the complete package. From Day 1, students have a sense of belonging and connection, countless opportunities to engage, and elite instruction in a great learning environment. Every night at dinner we hear about some cool thing that happened in class that day. The school is full of master teachers who have a clear plan and really care about student learning.

Justin Kelley, SJ | English, Theology Faculty

SLUH is more than just a prep school that prioritizes the pursuit of academic excellence. We form whole person by shaping great minds as well as compassionate hearts. Teaching at SLUH has confirmed that I have a passion for high school work, and it’s something I want to dedicate my life to.

Col. J.P. McDonough III '90 | Alumnus

Although going to SLUH might be taking a step out of your comfort zone, it is a choice that will change your life forever. As the Commandant of Midshipmen at the Naval Academy, I realize the sense of service and call to serve something greater than yourself that I learned at SLUH has laid the foundation for my service to our nation.

Shawn Henderson '01 | Alumnus

The SLUH focus on being a Man for Others provides powerful meaning for how to live in service to others. Our lives are bigger than just our own personal goals and pursuits, and I'm grateful for SLUH teaching me that at an early age.

Jeff Pottinger | Fine Arts Faculty

The SLUH community has proven to be a family for life. The teachers are some of the highest qualified and most caring in our region, and the students are creative, eager to learn and truly exceptional.

As a lifelong Christian, I was impressed with how positively I was affected by the Ignatian charism at SLUH. The school instills in its students the drive to become Men for Others – and that's something that is good for their success in life as well as for their souls.

Maria-Paz Erker | Modern Languages Faculty, Asst. Director of Global Education

SLUH provides the care and support for students to develop their full academic potential in a healthy and balanced manner. The school has also allowed me to continue to fall in love with my profession and confirm my vocation as an educator. I have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with my students inside and outside the classroom — by coaching them on how to continue to develop their Spanish communicative skills, and by getting to know them better as athletes, activists, spiritual leaders and servers.

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