Endowed Scholarships

Opening Doors for Jr. Bills

All SLUH alumni received the benefit of George and Anna Backer's foresight and generosity—through the Backer Endowment—of affordable education in the Jesuit tradition. Perhaps the most lasting tribute one can give to the school is to pass along the legacy of a SLUH education to others.

The scholarship endowment augments SLUH's ability to provide an excellent education to all qualified young men, regardless of their families' economic circumstances. Support for the scholarship fund benefits students today and tomorrow.


While tuition for the 2019-20 school year is $17,500, the actual cost to educate one young man is $19,838. The "gap" of $2,338 per student is made up through fundraising during the year from alumni, parents and friends, as well as earnings from the endowment.


SLUH’s Named Scholarship Program—that is, scholarships totaling $30,000 or more—provides an opportunity to assist future generations of students. At the same time, it enables donors to recognize significant individuals, such as alumni, faculty or family, who have emulated the ideal of "men for others" throughout their lives.

Investments made at the following levels further enable SLUH to remain affordable and foster the socio-economic diversity of its students.

$30,000 $1,725/year
$50,000 $2,875/year
$75,000 $4,313/year
$100,000 $5,750/year
$125,000 $7,188/year
$150,000 $8,625/year
$300,000* $17,250/year

* Fully Endowed Scholarship (all other scholarships listed are partially endowed, named scholarships)