Presidential Scholarships

A Presidential Scholarship requires a minimum commitment of $1,000,000. Benefactors who establish a Presidential Scholarship are invited to develop criteria for the school to determine who will be publicly awarded the scholarship. Both Presidential Scholarship donors and recipients will be invited to an annual event to celebrate the generosity and achievements of both parties.

Our Sheridan Scholars Program (video below) is one of several Presidential Scholarships at SLUH that transforms the lives of young men with an excellent education in the Jesuit tradition.

Are you interested in investing in a bright future for promising young men through a Presidential Scholarship? For more information, please contact Linda Domeyer at or (314) 269-2113.


Profile photo of Albert Harrold.

"Attending SLUH has given me the opportunity to grow and flourish as a person.  I’m currently looking into the University of Louisville for sustainability. I plan to also incorporate business into my studies. I am so thankful for the financial aid over the past years. It means so much to my family and me."

- Albert '21