Welcome to the "virtual" community of St. Louis University High School (SLUH). I invite you to explore our site to learn more about our program, history, Jesuit identity and much more.

When St. Ignatius of Loyola founded the Society of Jesus nearly 500 years ago, he did so with the support of his closely associated companions. Today, SLUH continues the tradition of Jesuit education with a companionship of 59 other Jesuit secondary schools in the United States known as the Jesuit Schools Network (JSN). All schools within JSN are united in a common mission of serving the Catholic Church and "helping souls," yet each is unique in its own rite.

The academic enthusiasm and performance of our students at SLUH speaks volumes about our program and the faculty-student partnership. Our students have achieved 42 top ACT scores, one top PSAT score and one top SAT-2 score since 2005. Among other accomplishments, our school has been recognized as the top AP school in the State of Missouri and a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. With this in mind, we are most proud of our excellence in “Cura Personalis," or care of the individual student. Our faculty members challenge each student to achieve high levels of performance and service through involvement in the classroom and beyond. Similarly, our students challenge each other to excel in all areas.

Our SLUH volunteer community service program (CSP) is an excellent example of our students rising to new levels and becoming "men for others." In addition to the required Senior Project, in which the entire senior class devotes the month of January to community service, more than one-third of our student body participates in CSP. About 400 students fit time in their busy schedules to address the needs of the underserved at more than 30 service sites in the area. CSP is our most popular co-curricular activity. Indeed, our students are committed to "helping souls."

The popularity of our CSP program has been supported at SLUH by an environment that fosters spiritual development and concern for others. Our class prayer services, retreat programs, confessions, liturgies and daily prayers help strengthen the relationship between our students and God. Each day we dedicate two minutes of reflective silence to the Ignatian "Examen of Consciousness," an exercise that allows students to pray and gain clarity on their daily routines. Our theology classes examine the texts of our Church and help engage students in moral decision-making.

St. Louis University High, as are our JSN companions, is a leadership school, providing our students as well as our community with the direction needed to positively impact the lives of others. Through a vibrant academic and spiritual environment, we will continue to preserve our heritage by cultivating our leaders of tomorrow.

God Bless,

Alan Carruthers