Asst. Principal - Student Life

Brock Kesterson

Brock Kesterson, Ed.d.

Assistant Principal – Student Life

(314) 269-2135

Office hours are the same as regular school hours and preferably by appointment.

Message from Dr. Kesterson

Philosophy and Purpose of Discipline

There are primarily two reasons for discipline at St. Louis U. High (SLUH): 1. To preserve order and 2. To protect the common good. It is also necessary and essential to instill values and ideals, as well as reinforce desirable and responsible habits of behavior so that students grow into mature and responsible individuals. The development of disciplinary guidelines is based on this philosophy and for the protection of the common good.

Student enrollment at SLUH is an expressed agreement—on behalf of students and their parents/guardians—to observe the student guidelines and to commit to the goals and ideals of Jesuit education and to the philosophy of SLUH as stated in the “Profile of the St. Louis U. High Graduate at Graduation." The school reserves the right to review a student's performance in accordance with these expectations to determine if he and the school can continue to benefit by his continuing as a student at SLUH.

Acceptance as a student at SLUH is a privilege. Continuation as a student is considered automatic provided students maintain acceptable academic standards; attempt to live the philosophy and goals; and follow the policies and regulations of SLUH. In all disciplinary cases, both the welfare of the student and the welfare of the school are of concern.

Rita Mulligan

Rita Mulligan
Secretary to Asst. Principal - Student Life
(314) 269-2126