iLab Classroom

The iLab Classroom is a multipurpose room located on the basement level of the school building, in room M21 of the James Guth Costigan '62 Innovation Lab. It has the following equipment available:

  • Smart Projector and Large Whiteboard
  • Tables
  • Adjustable Chairs
  • Small Whiteboards


If your event is outside of the school day, you must reserve the room ahead of time by contacting Espen Conley at or 314-269-2199.

If you want to use this space during the school day, you must create a Google Calendar event and add the room to your event, as depicted below:

Once you create your event, it must still be approved. Your reservation is not complete until you receive an email from the room (Backer-G-iLab Classroom(M21)) stating that your invitation has been accepted.


SLUH faculty only

If you would like to view the calendar for a room, on the left hand column of your Google Calendar, click the plus (+) next to "Other Calendars", then choose Browse Resources. Check any room calendars you would like to add to your Google Calendar.

All reservations are subject to approval.