iLab Collaboration Area

The iLab Collaboration Area is a multipurpose room located on the basement level of the school building, in room M23 of the James Guth Costigan '62 Innovation Lab. It has the following equipment available:

  • Hand Tools
  • (2) 3D Printers with Two Computers
  • Glowforge Laser Cutter
  • Apple TV for Wireless Presentations


If your event is outside of the school day, you must reserve the room ahead of time by contacting Patrick Zarrick at or 314-269-2132.

If you want to use this space during the school day, you must create a Google Calendar event and add the room to your event, as depicted below:

Once you create your event, it must still be approved. Your reservation is not complete until you receive an email from the room (Backer-G-iLab Collaboration Area (M23)) stating that your invitation has been accepted.

If you would like to view the calendar for a room, on the calendar page on the left hand column, click on the ellipsis button (3 vertical dots) next to the "Add Calendar" box, then choose Browse Resources. Check any room calendars you would like to add to your Google Calendar.

All reservations are subject to approval.