Si Commons

The Si Commons is a multipurpose space that can be divided into two rooms: Commons East (approximately 60% of the space) and Commons West (approximately 40% of the space).


When using the whole room, the Commons has the following equipment available:

  • Four ceiling-mounted projectors
  • Four hand-held wireless microphones
  • Two over-the-ear wireless bodypack microphones
  • Two podium microphones
  • Four VGA and four HDMI inputs, with the ability to display four separate sources on the four projectors

When the Commons is divided into two rooms, each room has the following equipment available:

  • Two ceiling-mounted projectors
  • Two hand-held wireless microphones
  • One over-the-ear wireless bodypack microphone
  • One podium microphone
  • Two VGA and two HDMI inputs, with the ability to display two separate sources on the two projectors

If you need equipment beyond what is listed above or need to display a source on the four flat-screen TVs in the room, you must reserve the room as outlined below.


If you have any of the following needs, you must reserve the Commons at least 48 hours ahead of time by contacting Patrick Zarrick at or 314-269-2132:

  • Divided room
  • Special chair/table arrangements
  • Event outside the school common periods (Activity period, Lunch periods)

Food Service Consultants serves as SLUH's caterer for events on SLUH's campus. Permission is required for the use of an outside catering service. Kitchen facilities are not available for any outside parties.

All reservations are subject to approval.