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SLUH Speakers on Compassion and Race

At the 2016 Jesuit Schools Network Colloquium, three members of the SLUH community spoke at a session entitled "Compassion and Race." The featured speakers are SLUH President David Laughlin (5:56), Board Member Eric Clark (17:58), and Assistant Director of Diversity Danielle Harrison (38:16). Click below to view a video of their talks.

A Student's Awakening

Brendan Underwood '16 spoke at the 2015 Ignatian Family Teach-In in Washington, D.C. The title of his talk was "My Awakening to Social Justice and Racial Issues." Click below to watch a video of his powerful speech.

"SLUH teachers respect the differences in students' diverse personalities, ways of learning, cultures, and temperament. The school is a place where students experience exponential personal growth, develop life-long friendships, and receive one of the best college preparatory educations in the country.'"

- Veronica Armouti

Mother of Laith Armouti '16, pictured in center with her family. Laith is second from left beside Lancer Li '17, a student from China who lived with the Armouti Family in 2016.