Vision for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at SLUH

Nearly 30 years ago, the Board of Trustees of St. Louis University High School (SLUH) adopted a Minority Action Plan outlining a “renewed commitment” “to serve talented young men from the [B]lack community.” This plan, coming from the highest level of school leadership, represented an important step forward and an inflection point in the long history of the school.

Since the founding of SLUH in 1818, Black people have been a part of it, but their participation in the school has often been on inequitable terms. The Board of Trustees seeks to further address the inequities as we officially update the 1991 Minority Action Plan. With this new vision statement we seek to communicate the mission-based commitments of SLUH and to provide a map that will guide the school for years to come.

At its core, our updated vision statement has two goals: 

  1.  With special emphasis on Black students, to make SLUH an institution where talented young men of all racial and ethnic backgrounds are welcomed enthusiastically and given what they need in order to make the most of our program of academic and spiritual formation; and 
  2. To make SLUH a global, national and local leader in the formation of young men who are knowledgeable about racial injustice and committed to healing the wounds of racism; who are, in short, prepared to be positive leaders in an increasingly diverse and multicultural world.

SLUH administrators, faculty and staff have developed a strategic plan which provides a map for continual progress toward these goals guided by the vision statement from the Board of Trustees.