Voices of SLUH

Introduction from Voices of SLUH Committee

Simonie Anzalone, Adam Cruz '10, Frank Kovarik '94, Jim Linhares, Daniel Shields and Kate Toussaint

Since 2017, Voices of SLUH has provided a venue for members of the school community to talk and listen to each other about issues that extend beyond the walls of SLUH. It aims to build an ever more loving community at SLUH. Through all-school assemblies, essay series and class meetings, Voices of SLUH has focused on a variety of topics, including racism, sexism, neighborhoods and, most recently, stress and anxiety. 

As hundreds of thousands march and protest across the country, renewing the demands for racial justice that became nationally prominent during the uprisings in Ferguson, Missouri, we felt that another Voices of SLUH series was in order. The unique circumstances of our current moment made a video series the most attractive format. We are fortunate to have courageous members of our SLUH family who are willing to share their perspectives.  

Let’s look to The Graduate at Graduation, which summarizes our Jesuit program of formation. One part of being Open to Growth is “becoming more flexible and open to other points of view.” A SLUH graduate “realizes the potential for learning through listening openly to others” and “recognizes his own biases, limitations and thinking patterns.” Being Committed to Doing Justice includes “beginning to understand the structural roots of injustice in social institutions, attitudes and customs,” “developing a sense of compassion for the victims of injustice” and “the impact of public policy decisions on social justice.” Please keep these ideals in mind as you watch the following testimonies.