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SLUH Is a "really special place"

“For over 20 years I have dedicated my professional life, and a great deal of my personal and spiritual life, to SLUH and received far more than I have given. I am blessed to work with the faculty and staff—many of whom have become my closest friends—the administrators who support us all in our mission-based work with sensitivity and care, and the opportunity to teach and mentor the students all help give my life meaning and purpose.

“SLUH’s Ignatian vision of fostering continual self-examination in the context of God’s abundant, intimate love for each individual sustains me in my work to cultivate in myself and my students the most intellectually-curious, loving, and spiritually earnest daily work environment possible. Add to that vision the genuine, humble people I get to work with—people who fill my life with such laughter and love--and you end up with a really special place.”

—Tim Curdt
English teacher, current parent, alumnus (Class of '90)

"It's truly an educator's dream!"

"I have taught science at SLUH since 2001. It is one thing to be drawn to a place and another to end up staying for a long period of time. Every day at SLUH I am challenged to bring my best as I am surrounded by colleagues who are committed to the same Jesuit outcomes for our students: Intellectually Competent, Committed to Doing Justice, Open to Growth, Loving, and Religious. The SLUH Mission inspires my work and gives me a tremendous sense of fulfillment and self-satisfaction.

"At SLUH I only teach 4 classes, allowing me to develop the student relationships needed for the achievement of instructional goals. As a science teacher, I have access to an appropriate budget that keeps the most cutting edge equipment and technology in my classroom. As a professional, SLUH sends me around the country to inform my teaching. Further, due to our central location, we have direct access to all the city has to offer. It's truly an educator’s dream!

"Finally, the open door policy of our administration and business office makes it easy to bring questions and ideas forward. Structures are in place at SLUH to allow for voice, making this an institution where teachers are encouraged to have a stake in important decision making. Hence, I truly feel that I am a valued member of this community who has important ideas to contribute."

- Mary Russo
Science Teacher

"I Love coming here"

“SLUH is a great place to work. I love coming here mostly because of our great work environment and abundant sense of community. It’s easy to wake up and go to work everyday. It’s a blessing to work with our faculty and staff as well as our students, who are all good kids. It’s especially satisfying when a work grant student tells me how the program helped make him a better man.”

—Jeff Fields
Director of Environmental Services (pictured far left)

Does SLUH Fit with Your Mission and Career Path?

St. Louis University High School is a Catholic, Jesuit, college preparatory school for young men, committed to its presence in the city of St. Louis and dedicated to building Christ’s kingdom of truth, justice, love and peace. The school, also referred to as SLUH, serves young men based on their ability to succeed, rather than their economic circumstances.

The oldest high school west of the Mississippi River, St. Louis University High began in 1818 as a Latin school for boys in a one-story house on the riverfront. Since then, it has experienced four name and five location changes, ever growing and adapting to meet the needs of intellectually gifted young men and their total formation.

Community on a Mission

The culture at SLUH is flexible and compassionate. It’s a community of mission-driven professionals supported and challenged by performances and service in their fields. Students and staff are given a clear mission and a supportive administrative environment attracts a number of highly qualified and talented faculty and staff.

Leadership Development

SLUH spends significant funds on professional development and ongoing education. The school distributes opportunities for leadership and initiative across all programs and levels of curriculum and activities. They also offer rewarding adult spiritual development opportunities and supportive professional and social/communal events to build community and collegiality.

Measuring Success

Strategic initiatives several years in planning are now being implemented in: student support and college counseling, facilities renovation and improvement, curriculum design and the growth of endowment to support accessibility for students in financial need.

Teachers across all departments are involved in Curriculum Institutes and Understanding by Design Curriculum Improvement Process. These initiatives are reflected in new and redesigned courses, new facilities and new staff positions.

A much larger number of the students participate in retreat programs and service programs than was the case just a few years ago. This required SLUH to meet significant financial and staffing challenges.

The design and construction of new spaces to better serve academic, co-curricular and formation programs are also included in SLUH’s strategic initiatives.

Doubly Blessed

St. Louis University High School is celebrating its Bicentennial year in a spirit of gratitude. It’s the inspiration for St. Ignatius and his legacy in Jesuit education. And it’s how SLUH celebrates 200 years of excellence—with deep reverence to their proud past and renewed commitment to fulfill its mission for future generations.

In thanks to the city of St. Louis for its support and partnership over two centuries, the entire school undertook a citywide day of service in October. All freshmen and sophomores served at Forest Park, with the upperclassmen volunteering at 20 other organizations in the area, including St. Louis Foodbank, Loyola Academy, Gateway Greening, and Peter and Paul Community Services, among others. All told, SLUH students and faculty/staff contributed more than 3,000 service hours in just one day.

STLToday: Top Workplaces Spotlight (December 2017)

SLUH is an equal opportunity employer and proud to be recognized as a Top Workplace by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for seven consecutive years.