Jr. Bills Win Missouri SuperMileage Challenge
Jr. Bills Win Missouri SuperMileage Challenge

SLUH placed first in Missouri's SuperMileage Challenge, a sustainability and STEM event focusing on competition vehicle design, fabrication and testing, held April 18 at the University of Central Missouri. Jr. Bills were on a combined team with Cor Jesu and Miller Career Academy, and they competed in a Ranken Technical College-sponsored vehicle.

Among the Challenge rules: "Competing students will be challenged to build a one-person, fuel efficient vehicle powered by a single cylinder, four-stroke cycle engine. The vehicles will run a specified course at a certain speed."

SLUH's team spent several months preparing their vehicle, which won with 219.678 average miles per gallon and a highest run of 234 miles per gallon.

In addition to learning about aerodynamic body design, engine power and performance, braking/shifting mechanics and instrumentation, Jr. Bills developed a knack for welding.

"We are very grateful for Ranken Technical College and their incredible support, guidance and instruction," says Jeff Pitts, who serves as a moderator for SLUH's robotics club and Clavius Project.

Jr. Bills plan to bring their experience and growing skillset back to the track to compete in next year's event.