SLUH Announces First Recipients of Sacred Heart Award
Fantastical Creations
Eternal Life: Right Here, Right Now
Innovator for Others

Pandemic inspires Philip Hiblovic '21 to start regional creative collective.

Doug Auer '95 shares insights and perspectives from his remarkable journey as an artist, innovator and business owner.

Jeff Schaefer maximizes the potential of the new Innovation Lab as a master craftsman with a selfless spirit.

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SLUH Today
Karim '22 Thrives as Class Leader
SLUH Hosts STEM Night
Brugnara '22 Works for Sustainable Change
Cruz Honored for Excellence in Education
Appreciation Dinner Honors Faculty and Staff
Dr. Foy Named New Asst. Principal for Academics
Juniors Win ACA Essay Awards
Jesuits Celebrate Jubilee

The Jesuit Jubilee, honoring Jesuits who celebrate 75, 70, 60, 50 or 25 year milestones, is Sunday, October 24.

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