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Divine Inspiration

Joy and George '52 Meisel

St. Louis Cardinals fans may not recognize the name George Meisel ‘52 like they do Stan Musial or Albert Pujols, but Meisel’s professional contributions paved the way for generations of elite players to compete at the old Busch Stadium, an iconic landmark that rivals the Gateway Arch.

In the mid-1960s, while working for Bryan Cave in commercial real estate, Meisel played a key role in the Cardinals’ move from Sportsmans Park to the original Busch Stadium, which opened in 1966. The opening and closing of the old Busch Stadium, which was part of the renovation of the downtown area, were the “bookends” to George’s illustrious career, which began in 1961 after a three-year stint in the U.S. Air Force. In 1970, he became a partner at Bryan Cave, where he worked nearly his entire career.

Today Joy Meisel is honoring her deceased husband’s legacy with a gift to the renovation of SLUH’s chapel – a strategic priority of the school’s Go Forth campaign.

“George always spoke so highly of his years at The High School,” she says. “There is no school on earth where the faculty gives such special attention and love to each student – not to mention the lifelong friendships that are formed.”

Joy, an alumna of The Academy of the Sacred Heart (City House), met George on a blind date. Thereafter, the couple was inseparable. Though they did not have children, Joy found her vocation in life in taking care of others, including her parents, her in-laws, her aunt and uncle, and George.

In a generous spirit that harkens to that of the school’s foundress, Anna Backer – a widow who gifted SLUH’s current campus in remembrance of her late husband George, an 1869 graduate of the school – Joy feels gratitude in giving back to the school that was so foundational for her husband.

Her gift to SLUH will punctuate the school’s Jesuit, Catholic mission while providing for the creation of a new altar, in honor of George and Joy, in the renovated chapel. In a way, it will also serve as a “bookend” for her enduring relationship with George, which, in the Catholic Church, began at an altar and will remain in perpetuity at this altar.

“George’s days at SLUH became part of his DNA, all the days of his life,” Joy says. “I also benefited from that education when I married him and spent my life with him. I am sure he is pleased with this lasting gift for God’s chapel.”

Visit www.sluh.org/chapel to learn more about the Chapel renewal project.

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