First Friday Mass

On the first Friday of every month, SLUH invites students, parents and alumni to Mass in the main Chapel at 7:00 a.m., followed by coffee and donuts in the Currigan Room. We hope you can join us at our First Friday Masses:

  • Thursday, November 5
  • Friday, November 6
  • Thursday, December 3
  • Friday, December 4
  • Friday, February 5
  • Friday, March 5
  • Friday, May 7

Note: no First Friday Masses scheduled for January or April.

An Invitation from the President

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

In December 1973, the Father General of the Society of Jesus Fr. Pedro Arrupe wrote to all of the community Superiors, noting “the great importance we should attach to the liturgical life in the context of the broad and organic renewal program of our life and apostolic activities.” Fr. Arrupe, on the path for beatification and canonization, stated this powerfully and directly as he so often did.

Fr. Arrupe summarizes the important values of the communal liturgical experience in the same letter when he noted “the sacred liturgy is of the greatest importance and the most noble form of the service we can and ought to render to the Holy Trinity. But…our praise of God is enriched when we unite it to the worshipping Church in heaven, joining with and venerating the memory first of all of the glorious ever-Virgin Mary and of all the Saints. At the same time, while on earth we continue our pilgrimage towards the Lord, and surrounded by infirmities and weaknesses, this worship shown the Divine Majesty becomes a prayer of petition, reaching the Heart of God, through the intercession of all our brethren who are with Christ in glory and who with Him, in Him, and through Him plead for us with God.” (Arrupe, Dec. 1, 1973, The Liturgy in a Jesuit’s Life)

It is with this centrality of the Apostolic liturgical experience in mind that I invite and encourage all students, teachers, staff, coaches, alumni, retired faculty and staff, parents, past parents, friends and benefactors to attend First Friday Masses at SLUH’s Chapel. While the community has celebrated First Friday Masses for years, it is my hope that we broaden and deepen both the liturgical experience and those who are invited. We will begin Mass at 7:00 a.m. and meet for refreshments afterward. Our lives are so busy and full of noise and distractions; let us commit the time to pray and celebrate together in love and community. At the core of SLUH has been and always will be the sense of a faith community, but we must work to make this relevant and active. To do this, our gracious Jesuit community members have agreed to offer the Mass at a slightly earlier time so that we can accommodate a larger group, Mass music and a more substantive homily as part of the liturgy.

The hope is to see a volunteer group to step forward over time to offer some simple music and choral leadership for a small Mass Music Group, enriching the experience for all in attendance. If you are called to lead or participate in Mass music and planning, I encourage you to step forward by reaching out to the SLUH Pastoral or President’s Office.

In addition, student activities, performing arts groups and athletic teams are an enormous part of our community. I strongly encourage all moderators, directors and coaches to plan liturgical time into their activity or team schedules and First Friday Mass to be part of those plans. As we have less Jesuits it is often tough to schedule team-only masses, but we can use this communal opportunity to celebrate Mass and them meet for some team building time over coffee, chocolate milk and donuts in the newly renovated Currigan Room following the liturgy and prior to class.

Please take this opportunity to come together as the liturgy “is an expression of the life we are hoping for, a life of constant sharing in the mystery of Christ, i.e. in the proclamation of the Gospel and in the supreme sacrifice which is the source of our life.” (Arrupe, 1973)

May Christ continue his many blessings upon our boys, families and all those who work to make SLUH a special place where the Gospel comes to life.

God bless,
Alan Carruthers

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