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Two graduates from the Class of 2019, Anthony Rizzo (pictured left) and Tyler Truong (right), reconnected on October 5 at the Air Force versus Navy football game. They are freshmen at the Air Force Academy and Naval Academy, respectively. Although one walked away a winner (Navy won 34-25), they both share common goals in "selfless service" to our country.

Rizzo and Truong share some insights on their transition to college in the following Q&A.

What inspired you to apply to a military academy?

AR: The idea of knowing that my service can and will affect my country directly is a very important factor to me. Seeing my parents serve our country and knowing that their actions attempt to have others benefit also inspired me.
TT: I wanted to give back to the country that has given so many opportunities for my family. There's no better place to become a military officer than at a military academy. I wanted to be a part of something greater than myself.

How do you feel SLUH prepared you for college?

AR: SLUH has prepared me well in the idea of selfless service, faith and academics. I realize the importance of service and how it coincides with my faith. I also find myself ready to help others in the core subjects at the academy and I want to major in Physics.
TT: SLUH really has done an excellent job of preparing me for college, and I am so grateful. Academically, SLUH has made college academics much easier. SLUH also taught me how to balance workload with minimal time to do it. Not only that, SLUH has developed my morals and values that are needed for a naval officer, such as selflessness and being a Man for Others. 

How is college going for you?

AR: Basic Cadet Training was quite a shocker but that was a shocker for everyone. I am enjoying every day at the academy and feel like I have made the right choice in coming to USAFA.
TT: I am glad that I made the decision to attend the Naval Academy. Although I had a very difficult summer, it was worth it. I have created strong bonds that cannot be compared to any other camaraderie at a regular college. Although there are times where I struggle greatly, I am glad that I am a part of something greater than myself and that I am being a Man for Others. I look forward to the amazing experiences I will have in the next four years.

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