Karim '22 Thrives as Class Leader

In our #FridayFeature, Student Body Vice President Ismael "Ish" Karim ’22 talks about his SLUH experience, how he celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, and his future aspirations.

What is your favorite thing about SLUH?

SLUH allows me the opportunity to recreate, not integrate. SLUH offers a plethora of opportunities for everyone, from all walks of life. Even with that being said though, there may be clubs and opportunities yet to be discovered, and SLUH gives you the opportunities and resources to be the one to discover them. Throughout my SLUH experience, I’ve had the opportunity to achieve success because of the ability of my environment to expect excellence and push me out of my comfort zone.

How do you celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month?

Coming from a vibrant Latino community, Hispanic Heritage Month manifests itself in almost all of my surroundings. In my home on the south side of St. Louis, the start of Hispanic Heritage Month is marked by a delicious platter of fried plantains and a recognition of the diversity we hold as a community. Throughout the rest of the month, conversations relating to our community are front and center throughout the city due to the work of community organizers and the Hispanic festival. The end of the month is marked by a reflection on how the month went, and how we can use the momentum achieved to continue to see the change we want to see.

What do you plan to study in college? Career plans/aspirations?

In college I plan to study international relations and public policy, and possibly get a law degree after. I hope to serve as a diplomat or ambassador and work to engage sectors of international communities to our national and local sectors. It’s always been my goal to connect my heritage outside of the U.S. with that within the U.S., and by studying these things and pursuing these careers I think I would be put in the position to do just that.


Middle School/Parish: Nuryana, Canary Island

SLUH Clubs & Activities: Student Body Vice President, President of The Student Teacher Association for Racial Studies (STARS), President of the Latino Student Union, President of the One World Club, Senior Advisor, Association for Cultural Enrichment at SLUH (ACES) and National Honor Society


Quote: “I’m no longer accepting the things I cannot change…I’m changing the things I cannot accept.” - Angela Davis

Book: Liner Notes for the Revolution: The Intellectual Life of Black Feminist Sound

Movie: Life of Pie

Musical Artist: Erykah Badu

Sports Team: C.D. Tenerife

Hobby: Cooking and Dancing Bachata

Food: Fried Plantains and Grilled chicken

Hero: My Momma

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Karim '22 Thrives as Class Leader
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