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Why Did I Choose SLUH?

Jack DuMont '22 reflects on SLUH's rich tradition, diverse classmates, deep spirituality and endless opportunities

Looking back on what drew me to SLUH, a few aspects of the school come to mind. Although my dad is a SLUH grad, and had always talked to me about how much his high school experience meant to him, neither he nor my mom ever pushed me in this direction. They told me I could look into other schools if I wanted to, but after my SLUH visit, I didn’t want to look anywhere else.

The faculty and staff were so inviting, and I remember my tour guide being very eager to answer any and all questions that I, as well as the other prospective students, had. In addition to the overall good feeling I got from the people I interacted with, the tradition of the building intrigued me. After seeing and hearing stories about the pool hall, riflery range, former cafeteria, chapel, and other SLUH “landmarks,” I realized that I had the opportunity to be a part of the school’s rich community, which had positively impacted the lives of so many others like me. Lastly, when reminiscing about my visit, a certain word came to mind: opportunity. There were so many avenues – clubs, extracurriculars, sports, etc. – in which to pursue all types of interests, including art, theatre, music, science, and robotics, to name a few. I realized that, although the academics were exceptional, there were so many other things that distinguish SLUH.

My experience as a freshman was everything I expected – and more. Coming from a public school with a class of 400 students, I felt confident that I would be able to handle the amount of new faces that might have been a shock for most other kids, who came from smaller private schools. However, it wasn’t quite as easy as I had expected. I was forced to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people – only one other student from my middle school attended SLUH with me. Although slightly uncomfortable at the time, it was a blessing in disguise, because it prevented me from becoming complacent with a small group of people when I didn’t yet know some of the kids who have turned out to be really good friends.

As for the classes, I did well academically my first year, without over-stressing about homework or grades. I developed a system of staying organized with the help of my teachers, helping me to stay on top of assignments. All of my teachers were willing to help when I didn’t understand something, and were fair about the amount of homework they gave.

Sports were my way of connecting with the school. I played basketball in the winter, and got to know many classmates through that shared bond, forged through competition. I planned on playing baseball, my favorite sport, in the spring; however, a season-ending injury sidelined me. Still, I was able to manage on varsity and got to know some upperclassmen well through that experience. Whether it be sports or another hobby, SLUH has a place for you to find and develop your interests.

Spiritually, SLUH has helped me grow closer to God than I ever would have expected. The daily examen helps me to clear my head and assess what I have and haven’t done well throughout the day, which gives me guidance on how to go about the rest of my day in a manner pleasing to God and displaying kindness to others. Class Masses bring a sense of unity and brotherhood, and Theology helps me to better understand God.

Currently, SLUH continues to amaze me. The rich tradition, diverse classmates, deep spirituality and endless opportunities keep me coming back each day, energetic and excited to experience more of what led me here in the first place.

Although a basketball injury kept DuMont off the baseball field during his freshman year, he was able to serve as a  manager for the varsity team.

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