A brand is essentially the experience a person has with a product, organization or idea. For St. Louis University High School, it is the embodiment of the organization as perceived by its constituents. To ensure the best brand experience possible, it is incumbent upon all members of the SLUH community that the visual graphics and logos representing the school maintain the highest integrity in all varieties of usage. Visit our branding website (link below) for the logos, color palette, typography and ideal standards when applying the SLUH visual brand in your project.


Brand standards have brought SLUH's vision and mission to life in a clear, consistent and compelling way throughout all of the school's communications and help build upon our longstanding traditions and reputation. Every member of the SLUH community plays an important role in bringing this cohesive brand to life, and in maintaining its integrity by applying it consistently throughout all school communications, including print, web, display, apparel, spirit items, broadcasting and electronic formats.

Rules surrounding the use of SLUH logos in all applications must be followed. Colors and fonts have been carefully selected to create a cohesive brand that provides for a wide range of creative possibilities for the school. Use of these brand guidelines will help the school maintain a consistent look and feel for our audiences.

All artwork must be submitted for approval to the Director of Communications prior to placing an order for production. For questions or concerns regarding the brand guidelines or for school logos, please review this site or contact the Director of Communications. The President will make any decisions that require further or special attention.