The SLUH Insignis podcast features lively interviews with members of our school community engaged in a variety of roles and fascinating projects "down the hall, across the metro area and around the world" in support of our mission.

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This Insignis episode features two programs on one of the most disruptive – but also creative and inspiring – chapters in SLUH's 203-year history. Like a classic music track updated and enhanced for new audiences with better technology, you'll not only hear how SLUH endured the pandemic, but how, thanks to the efforts of so many from every corner of the school community, our school will be richer and more mission focussed when the pandemic is behind us.

Program 1
CRISIS: Spring and Summer 2020

Both programs are anchored by an ongoing interview with the SLUH Faculty Panel that led our pandemic response: Kevin Foy (Social Studies Chair), Steve Missey '88 (English teacher and Prep News moderator), Megan Menne (Science teacher and STUCO moderator), Craig Hannick (Math teacher and Financial Aid Director) and Tim Curdt '90 (English teacher, Summer School Principal and Learning Center Director).

In addition, you'll hear in-depth interviews with Music Director Jeff Pottinger and Admissions Director Ann Murphy, as well as short takes with a number of school leaders and taking a trip "down the hall" to hear from students. And in the spirit of our "Remastered" theme, you'll hear great music from students in our band programs and from two alum-rich musical groups, local rising stars The Mighty Pines and Chicago's Folk Options. 

Program Two

OPPORTUNITY: Fall 2020, Present and Future

The conversation with our panel continues as they describe not only the "Hyflex" mode of the past semester, but the profound ways this crisis will influence the future of SLUH. There's more great music from our student and alum groups and another trip "down the hall" that includes a preview of the "New Spoonriver Anthology" drama on the Schulte Theater stage, coming to you soon on video!

Featured interviewees include Spanish Teacher Maria Paz Campos, Science teacher Mary Russo and more short takes with school leaders and a closing reflection with Principal Fr. Ian Gibbons.

SLUH Remastered Gallery

Kevin Foy
Steve Missey '88
Megan Menne
Tim Curdt '90
Craig Hannick
Ann Murphy
Jeff Pottinger
Maria Paz Campos
Mary Russo
Fr. Ian Gibbons, SJ
Mighty Pines
Folk Options

About our musical guests

The Mighty Pines include graduates John Hussung '07 (son of English teacher Chuck Hussung) and Neil Salsich '07. The group also includes Gerard Erker (husband of Maria Paz Campos) and Mike Murano.
>>> Learn more about the group and their music

Folk Options is Will Linhares '10 (son of Jim Linhares).
>>> Hear more music

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  • Jim Linhares (Asst. Principal for Mission): Project lead, show host
  • Giuseppe Vitellaro '15 (ASC): Audio engineering
  • Jon Dickmann '96 (Technology Director): Technology support
  • Sean Powers '05 (Fine Arts teacher) and students in 2D Design: Logo development
  • Jeff Pottinger (Music teacher) and SLUH Jazz Combo, including Christopher Hartung '20, Teddy Gerard '18, Sean McLaughlin '19, Jack Schweizer '18, Thomas Curdt '18 and Joseph Hartung '18: Music

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Jim Linhares, SLUH Assistant Principal for Mission, is the host for the Insignis podcast.  >>>MORE