SLUH's INSIGNIS podcast features lively interviews with members of our school community engaged in a variety of roles and fascinating projects "down the hall, across the metro area and around the world" in support of our mission.

Insignis Podcast Goes Global

We're pleased to announce that our next installment delivers on the global angle. "World Learning" features interviews with a diverse collection of SLUH alums who've lived and worked all over the world. You'll hear from key faculty members involved in global education initiatives at SLUH, including recently sworn in American citizen and SLUH President Alan Carruthers. And, as always, we'll take you "down the hall" for spontaneous student and teacher voices and home-grown music. The program will be available in three installments from the SLUH website, Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 

World learning episode 3 of 3 is here!

After a long break imposed by the pandemic, Insignis is back with the final episode in our "World Learning" series.

In the third episode, you'll hear from Sam Owen '17, who is in his final year at Caltech. His experience on Senior Project at San Yves Nutrition Center in Yoro, Honduras set him on a path that led to an internship at NASA and, in a surprising twist, to Iceland.

Our two other guests also take us to "The Center" in Honduras. Retired teacher Charley Merriott, the founder and patron saint of the project in Yoro, gives moving testimony to what his many years of service meant to him and how he saw it transform a generation of young men.

Next, we catch up with the current Director of The Center, SLUH alum Patrick Mulligan '13. His service to malnourished children got him thinking about why so many were hungry in a land of plenty and that question ultimately drove him to found Nutrifund--a Nonprofit with a mission of addressing the root causes of hunger in Honduras. 

Along the way, we'll go "down the hall" to visit foreign language classrooms and join alums who came by SLUH last year on a "Fund the Need" evening event. They share why their own SLUH experience many years ago, moved them to extend that experience to present and future students at SLUH. 

World Learning: Episode 1

The first episode takes you to a cafe table in Paris for a conversation with Joe Dickmann '00, now a French citizen who, among other pursuits, had a gig as an American-style football coach despite never having played the game in the States himself! You'll hear the moving story of how our President, Alan Carruthers, went from a boyhood in rural Canada to his leadership role here at SLUH. And you'll meet the remarkable Tom McTigue '55 who directed the dawn of digital computing in Boeing aircraft and came to be a globe-trotting educator on the importance of understanding other cultures.

World Learning: Episode 2

In the second episode, we'll get a sense of the panorama of Global Ed programs at SLUH from Director of International Education, Rob Chura and go 'down the hall' to Russian class to listen in on the 'comprehensible input' approach to language learning. We'll also visit with Human Geography teacher Sarah Becvar for a look at a recent innovative approach to Social Studies. And you'll meet Matthew Stauder '18, who is studying Economics and International Development in the same program as Venezuela's Juan Guiado and approaches his future with the literal goal of making the world a better place.

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  • Jim Linhares (Asst. Principal for Mission): Project lead, show host
  • Jon Dickmann '96 (Technology Director): Technology support
  • Sean Powers '05 (Fine Arts teacher) and students in 2D Design: Logo development
  • Jeff Pottinger (Music teacher) and SLUH Jazz Combo, including Christopher Hartung '20, Teddy Gerard '18, Sean McLaughlin '19, Jack Schweizer '18, Thomas Curdt '18 and Joseph Hartung '18: Music

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