Campus Security

SLUH's commitment to providing a safe and secure environment is evident throughout campus. Some recent updates and improvements include:

  • All security staff completed training and licensing.
  • Partnered with CrisisGo, a safety platform that helps with communication, community engagement and crisis management, in addition to an anonymous reporting mechanism for security threats and bullying.
  • Professional Development plan continues to increase knowledge base, with plans to educate and train faculty/staff at in-services meetings.
  • Increased frequency of emergency drills.
  • Created Security Team for faculty/staff and students to discuss, evaluate and think proactively about security.
  • Added referrals to discipline reporting.
  • Finalized an Emergency Operation Plan.
  • Assembling Reunification Kits in the event of a crisis requiring campus evacuation.
  • Cameras continue to be upgraded and placed strategically throughout campus.
  • Visitor check-in management system with immediate background check, among other benefits
  • Lanyards and IDs required for all students, faculty and staff; badges for visitors
  • Exterior classroom numbering for first responders
  • Guard relocation for better visibility, circulation and management
  • Increased signage for more awareness
  • Locking exterior doors more often
  • More cameras added throughout the building
  • Better firewalls limit access to inappropriate and dangerous websites
  • Greater security presence throughout the day
  • Enhanced faculty prefecting
  • Ongoing engagement with Emergency Preparedness Committee to monitor best practices and improvement areas

Comprehensive Plan

SLUH continually integrates best practices and pursues new ideas and to instill safety and security. The school is currently implementing a comprehensive plan, which includes a variety of initiatives over the next five years:


Dan Schulte '93
Asst. Dean of Students, Director of Security