Grad at Grad


This profile is based upon a document by the Jesuit Schools Network. Because of its comprehensive scope and its value orientation,  St. Louis U. High has chosen it as the basis of its program of formation.

The statement is one of hopes and ideals. It describes the graduate as one who looks out on the adult world with a sense of wonderment, with a growing desire to enter that world, yet not quite able to make sense of it. It is not intended to be a description of the “product” manufactured at SLUH.

In this process of formation we don't just rely on teaching strategies and learning assessments; we principally depend upon the grace and help of God. In describing the graduate under five general categories, we chose the qualities that seem most desirable not only for this threshold period, but also those which seem most desirable for his adult life.

The five general categories which sum up the areas of life most in accord with a full adult living of the Christian life are:  Open to Growth; Intellectually Competent; Religious; Loving; Committed to Doing Justice.

Whether one conceives of the desirable qualities of a graduate of SLUH under the rubric of a “Man for and with Others,” or simply as a fully mature Christian, the qualities summed up under the five categories (below) appear to be the qualities that cumulatively point in the direction of the kind of person who can live an adult Christian life in the twenty-first century.

SLUH recognizes that its influence on a student’s growth is limited by other influences frequently out of control of the school, which will hinder or foster the student’s growth. However, SLUH will intentionally bring its resources to bear on fostering the student's growth in the direction of the profile.

The profile of the SLUH "Graduate at Graduation," shared by all 64 schools within the Jesuit Schools Network, outlines a series of characteristics that a graduate of the school should embody at graduation. These common characteristics include:

  • Open to Growth
  • Intellectually Competent
  • Religious
  • Loving
  • Committed to Doing Justice