Farm to Table Team

About Us:

First page of the PDF file: FARMTOTABLE2_2


  • increase awareness of the importance and sacredness of sustainable gardening, instill a love of cultivating your own food, cooking for others and growing community


  • candle making, bread baking,  garlic planting, harvesting, tending SLUH community garden, pie making, processing food for FR service, sharing meals

2021-2022 Goals:

  • regroup post Covid 
  • recruit new members
  • meet as often as possible with new schedule


Did you know that the topsoil that we add to our beds comes from the same company that hauls our waste?

Freshman health classes making Carrot top pesto and snacks!

Mulching the pathways. . . .

French Fries anyone?

zucchini bread with harvest from the summer before

Jr. Bills hang with St. Fiacre, patron saint of Gardeners!

Magdalena Alvarado and Nina See spend all their days in their beds!!!