Summer Reading

SummEnglish** Summer Reading 2017

(**As distinct from “All-school summer reading,” sponsored this year by the Math Department)

For all

You should expect a reading test over your summer book on one of your first days back; this test will represent a significant grade.

If you need help getting a copy of the book for any financial reason, please have contact Mr. Steve Missey at as soon as possible. For summer reading only, electronic books are fine as long as they are the same text.

Freshmen (Class of 2021)

  • People of Darkness, Hillerman (ISBN 0-06-109915-5)

Sophomores (Class of 2020)

  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, Haddon (ISBN 978-1400032716)

Juniors (Class of 2019)

  • Regular: World’s Fair, Doctorow (978-0812978209) (Carroll & Missey)
  • Atticus, Hansen (978-0060182175) (Cruz, Curdt, & Hussung)
  • AP / Honors: Cold Mountain, Frazier (ISBN 978-0802142849)

Seniors (Fall semester courses) (Class of 2018)

  • African-American Voices: Not Without Laughter, Hughes (ISBN: 0486454487)
  • Alienated Hero: 1984, Orwell (ISBN 0451524934)
  • American Lit: Into the Wild, Krakauer (ISBN 0307387178)
  • Dante & the Modern World: Tales from Ovid, translated by Ted Hughes (ISBN 978-0374525873)
  • Irish Literature: Reading in the Dark, Seamus Deane (ISBN 9780375700231)

Seniors: you should take immediate action to obtain a copy of the book assigned for your fall semester class. If you switch out of one course and into a new one, make sure that you do so far enough in advance that you leave yourself time to read the book for the new course.

Seniors, also note this change from the pattern of years past: these books are selected to fit the content of a particular course, and your teachers intend to spend time discussing them during the first few days of the semester. You should be prepared to do more than just take a test and move on.

Any questions about English Summer Reading, please contact Steve Missey at


The Math department selected this summer's all-school summer reading book: The Housekeeper and the Professor, by Yoko Ogawa.

Buy Local & Independent

As you are shopping for your summer reading books, including our all-school read, please consider purchasing from a local independent bookseller:

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