William George Prize in Poetry


This year 57 poems submitted by 37 students were judged anonymously by Aaron Coleman, the author of Threat Come Close and St. Trigger

First prize: “Grandma’s Wok” by Cal Kreuter

Second prize: “Spring Showers” by Stephen Niklawski

Honorable Mention: “They/Them” by Cody Cox
Honorable Mention: “The Graves” by Benedict Heithaus
Honorable Mention: “The Vagabond” by Carson Leahy
Honorable Mention: “Nature” by James McAuliffe
Honorable Mention: “Blue Haze” by Nathan Pini
Honorable Mention: “Imperfection Found Me Out” by Jude Reed
Honorable Mention: “Tomorrow” by Nathan Rich


The William George Prize in Poetry—named for English teacher Bill George, whose poems have moved the SLUH community with their wit, their honesty, and their generous good will—is given annually to recognize excellence in student poetry.