Taiwan Senior Project

St. Louis U. High seniors studying Chinese travel to Hsinchu, Taiwan for the month of January to conduct their Senior Service Project at multiple sites in Hsinchu. Students are hosted by families from St. Aloysius Technical School, our Jesuit partners in Taiwan. This program was begun in 2019. 

Other options may be available at Yilan High School in Yilan, Taiwan. Students would be hosted by families from Yilan High School in a similar way.

Spots available: 5

Estimate Student Contribution: $1,250 

“SLUH is a place with really great opportunities, diversity, and friendship. There are so many new things to try, new subjects to pick up, and greater freedom in conducting my learning and socializing.”

- Lancer Li '17

Pictured (left) with Laith Armouti '16, whose family hosted Li in 2016. Li is the first exchange student from Nanjing Foreign Language School—regarded as a top school in China—to continue his education at SLUH with the opportunity to graduate as a Jr. Bill.