Learning Center

SLUH is committed to supporting students and ensuring they have full and equal access to this demanding educational environment. The Learning Center offers programs and support for students with learning differences and assists faculty in their efforts to provide reasonable accommodations and equal access to learning.

The Learning Center embodies the tradition of Jesuit Pedagogy and Cura Personalis—both suggesting individual care and attention for each student—by:

  • Coordinating academic accommodations of extended-time testing and preferential seating
  • Instructing students in study skills and executive skill development, including time management, organization and self-advocacy
  • Working individually with students as needed
  • Providing quiet study time for students in the Learning Center
  • Consulting and communicating with parents

Meet Our Team

Marina Chura

Marina Chura

Administrative Assistant
Timothy Curdt

Timothy Curdt

Class of 1990
Director of Learning Center, Learning Coach, ASC 4
Lissie Tippett

Lissie Tippett

Learning Coach