Overview of Junior Year

Over the course of the year, each junior will meet with his school counselor and college counselor. To find out more about how the school counselors work with juniors, please read below.

First Semester

In the student’s junior year, the school counselor is available to see him at any time in order to:

  • help them continue their process of self-discovery
  • set goals
  • develop strategies for this challenging year of transition in their lives

Junior year is also the time when college counselors and students begin to discuss the college search and college planning process. Please refer to the College Counseling page for additional information.

Second Semester

In February, juniors will have a class meeting lead by the Assistant Principal for Academics and department chairs, where they will hear about their options for courses next year.

Each junior will need to make an appointment with his counselor to discuss his course requests. The requests will be entered on special forms, which will require both parent and student signatures. The actual student schedule will be determined during the summer.

Regarding honors, advanced, and AP courses, it is usually best for a student to take the most challenging courses offered to him that the student, parents, and teacher feels he will do well in. Sometimes, this may result in a student taking three or four advanced courses. These courses are a way of placing your son with students who are similar in motivation and ability. Call the counselor if you have questions.

Recommendations for Junior Parents

AP vs 1818

Juniors have two different opportunities for getting college credit. One is Advanced Placement, the other is through the 1818 Program at St. Louis University. Click on this link for additional information about both programs.