Devices for Freshman and Sophomore students

Important Policies

  • Students and parents/guardians must adhere to the SLUH Student Handbook and in particular to the Internet Policy section.
  • Each teacher has the discretion to allow and regulate the use of devices in the classroom and on specific projects.
  • Students are expected to arrive at school with their personal device fully charged for the day; batteries must have enough charge for each class. Electrical outlets dedicated to charging personal devices will not be available. A charging station with a limited number of charging ports is available in the Library.
  • Students are not allowed to have cell phones on their person during the day.
  • Student devices must have a label with the student's name or student ID

What model of iPad should I purchase?

Freshman and sophomore students are required to own an iPad, which must be capable of running the latest version of iPadOS. For the 2021-22 school year, the following models are acceptable:

  • iPad Pro (all models)
  • 3rd generation iPad Air or newer
  • 6th generation iPad or newer
  • 5th generation iPad mini or newer

For the 2020-21 school year, a 5th generation iPad and 4th generation iPad mini were also allowed.

For the 2019-20 school year, a 3rd generation iPad mini was also allowed.

For the 2018-19 school year, an iPad Air/Air 2 and a 2nd generation iPad mini were also allowed.

iPads may be purchased at a discount from Apple's Education store:

The iPad must have at least 32GB of storage. iPads do not need to have cellular capabilities nor will they need to be connected to a cellular plan. As of 2/16/2021, a new, 8th-generation iPad (Wi-Fi model) with 32GB can be purchased for $309 through Apple’s website ( Refurbished iPads that meet our specifications can be purchased for less from other sellers, so long as they meet the requirements listed above. All iPads must be running iPadOS 13 or higher in order to support Apple Classroom. Students may be required to update their iPad to a later version of iPadOS to support school apps or Apple Classroom.


How can I tell which model iPad I have?

If you look at the back of your iPad, in the small print there is a Model number, which starts with an A and is followed by 4 digits. You can look up what the model number means here:


I already have an iPad. Do I still need to purchase one?

If you already have an iPad, it can be used in place of purchasing a new one so long as it meets the requirements above.

How do I setup/use an iPad?

Apple has a number of resources for setting up and getting to know your iPad, which can be found here:

SLUH also has a Knowledge Base, which has a specific section for help with iPads:

What type of case should I buy for my student’s iPad?

Cases are a personal choice. We recommend choosing an iPad case that fully protects the device from drop damage, specifically the corners, such as the "DUX" line from STM bags:

Do I need to purchase a keyboard/keyboard case for the iPad?

Keyboards, like cases, are a personal choice. SLUH does not require one. If you do wish to purchase a case, we recommend the ZAGG Rugged Messenger line:

iPad 5th or 6th generation:

iPad 7th/8th generation (10.2"):

iPad Air (3rd gen) or iPad Pro 10.5":

Make sure to check that the case you purchase fits the model of iPad you own.


Do we need an Apple Pencil?

While optional, an Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon can drastically improve note taking. Check the "Compatibility" section of each page below to make sure the device is compatible with your iPad.

Pencil Generation 1:

Pencil Generation 2:

Logitech Crayon:

How do I set up an ‘Apple ID’?


In general, we recommend setting up an Apple ID with a personal email account. You can use your SLUH email address, but know that that Apple ID may become unavailable (including any purchases you have made) some time after you graduate from SLUH and your SLUH email account is deactivated.

If you need to set up a new account please follow this link:

Can I, as a parent, control what apps my child installs?

Yes, there is a way to set up parental controls for loading apps and making any changes to the iPad. Please follow this link for further details:

Can I set up spending limits on the device?

No, you can no longer set spending limits. However, with Family Sharing you can turn on the Ask to Buy feature. See the following link for more information:

Will the Internet be filtered on the students' iPads?

While on campus, student iPads will be filtered exactly like campus computers.

Do I need to purchase any specific apps?

Most of the apps used at SLUH are free to download. A few applications may require purchase. Here are Apple's instructions on how to download/purchase apps:

These are the required apps for next year: Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Canvas by InstructureNotability and Zoom. Individual teachers may require additional apps.

Can families opt out of the iPad program?

No. Freshman and sophomore students will be required to have an iPad for school use.